You need to Spend Money Send Emails to make more money.

Your emails should echo your rebel spirit. 

You want to break free from sending mundane boring emails that go unread.

Your clients already love what you do, you just need to get in front of everyone else and wrap them in a warm loving embrace.

Are you ready to stand in your own space, your own magnificence?

Then let me be your misfit guide in the complex world of email marketing. 

Take your email marketing out of the too-hard basket and say hello to…

✔ Warm Relationships and Trust

Help the right people to know, like and trust you so they think of you first.

✔ Improved Brand Awareness

Show up in the right inboxes without the algorithm getting in the way.

✔ Increased Leads and Sales

Remind people who want to hear from you how they can work with you.

Not sure what you need? Start here.

I’m a BIG fan of sending newsletters that nurture your audience. But I know from my experience of working with dozens of kickass business owners and marketing managers that email marketing is often tossed into the too-hard, time-consuming basket. And it’s my mission to change that. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the best place to start is right here, with a discovery call.

That way I can understand where you’re currently at with your email marketing efforts and guide you towards the right kind of help.

Work With Me

If you’re ready to jump in and get shit done right now. The best way to work with me is by beginning our journey with either a 1:1 Pick my Brain Session or an Email Marketing Audit.

1:1 Pick my Brain Session

You know you need to be sending emails but are not sure where to start. Get 1:1 support to kick start your email magic.

Email Marketing Audit

You've been sending emails for a while and want to take your efforts to the next level. Let's find out what's working and what isn't.

If you're not ready to invest in your business growth just yet. Take my free email marketing quiz.

Curious if your current email marketing efforts are delivering results? Or are you looking for growth opportunities?

Take my quick, interactive quiz. It’s a straightforward way to evaluate your current approach and discover what your next steps should be. 

It’s completely free with no strings attached. Embrace this opportunity to refine and empower your email marketing without any risk.

Your path to smarter email marketing begins here.

Louise from InDeed We Can

Are you new around here?

Hi, I’m Louise, founder of InDeed We Can, your Misfit Email Marketing Strategist.

I’m not your average, stiff, boring email marketing strategist. I’m your misfit guide in the complex world of email marketing.

With me by your side, prepare to say no to sending boring “business” emails and say yes to doing email your way.

I’ve been doing business on my terms for the last 16+ years while raising 3 daughters, cats, chickens, sheep and even a goat.

I know what it’s like to feel like I have to hide my true colours, just to fit in with society norms. But here I sit in all my alternative, spiritual and sweary goodness. 

I’m obsessed with helping others stop hiding behind the rules we so crave to break and send emails that capture our inner essence.

"Thanks Louise, you're a Star"

Thanks again for the way you take care of my newsletters. You provide great peace of mind for me.
Jamie Ford - Resilient Minds
Jamie Ford
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Louise and would highly recommend her expertise! Thank you Louise!
Leanne Jackson
Leanne Jackson
Louise is a great operator who delivers great service professionally and at great speed and delivery.
Paul - PRD Print
Paul Diener

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