Email Marketing Strategy for Badass Business Owners

Effective email marketing so that you can nurture your email list from lead to client

✔ More Conversions
✔ More Sales
✔ More Repeat Clients

They WANT to hear from you.

The problem is you know you should be doing email marketing but you don’t know if you’re doing it right or if what you’re doing is working. So it’s often easier to ignore this and not send any emails.

But wouldn’t it be amazing to know that every email newsletter you send was helping you to stay visible with your subscribers, improving your conversions and nurturing the people who want to hear from you…without any algorithm stopping from you being seen by your audience?  

What you need is an effective email marketing strategy so you can send newsletters that echo your rebel spirit. 

email marketing strategist for rebels

Effective Email Marketing Means

✔ More Conversions

By sending targeted emails you’ll nurture leads and build trust, helping them to take the desired action.

✔ More Sales

Your clients already love what you do, you just need to get in front of everyone else and wrap them in a warm loving embrace.

✔ More Repeat Clients

By sending the right type of email you’ll have more opportunities to convert your subscribers from your emails.

How I can help you

Book a free 30-minute video call with me. We’ll talk about the specific email marketing problems you’re facing and discuss what service will suit your situation the best.  

Pick my Brains
Feeling overwhelmed by email marketing or not sure where to start? I’ll help you get started the right way so you can start attracting new leads and grow your business.
Email Automation
Stuck in email marketing neutral? I’ll help you grow your audience with targeted strategies and automated workflows that turn passive subscribers into active leads.
Campaign Management
Don’t let email marketing slow you down. I’ll handle the heavy lifting and provide ongoing support to ensure your email marketing continues to fuel your success.
Louise from InDeed We Can

Are you new around here?

Hi, I’m Louise, founder of InDeed We Can, your Misfit Email Marketing Strategist.

I’m not your average, stiff, boring email marketing strategist. I’m your misfit guide in the complex world of email marketing.

With me by your side, prepare to say NO to sending boring “business” emails and say YES to doing email your way.

I’ve been doing business on my terms for the last 16+ years while raising 3 daughters, cats, chickens, sheep and even a goat (and let’s not forget about the husband.)

I know what it’s like to feel like I have to hide my true colours, just to fit in with society norms. But here I sit in all my alternative, spiritual and sweary goodness. 

I’m obsessed with helping others stop hiding behind the rules we so crave to break and send emails that capture our inner essence.

"Thanks Louise, you're a Star"

Thanks again for the way you take care of my newsletters. You provide great peace of mind for me.
Jamie Ford - Resilient Minds
Jamie Ford
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Louise and would highly recommend her expertise! Thank you Louise!
Leanne Jackson
Leanne Jackson
Louise is a great operator who delivers great service professionally and at great speed and delivery.
Paul - PRD Print
Paul Diener

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