the 6-Step Sales Process

What is the 6-Step Sales Process?

Have you heard about the 6-Step sales process before? It’s the end-to-end sales process that includes marketing. Because they are often mistakenly thought of as separate things.

Marketing and Sales are two halves of a whole.

You can have one without the other. But until the two halves come together, something will always be missing.

Marketing is to attract cold traffic and convert it into warm traffic < this is what we do.

Your sales process is how you turn that warm traffic into a lead < this is what you do but we’re here to guide you if you need it.

The 6-step sales process looks like this:

Let’s break down each step.

Cold Traffic

They have no idea who you are or what you do. They are more likely to be seeking information, searching for that magic wand.

Think about what marketing channels you will use to get their attention.

We recommending using a mixture of blog posts, social media posts, and lead magnets to gain their attention.

Warm Traffic

The buyer knows who you are but does not yet trust you. They know they have a problem but are not sure how to solve it.

What small problem can you solve for them that will give them a quick win?

Show your expertise and how you can solve their problem with nurturing email sequences, social media posts, and blog posts.

Cold Lead

They are now a lead but still don’t trust you. They have given you permission to contact them. They are wondering if you’re the right person to solve their problem.

Once you have received an inquiry or started a conversation with them, how will you book them onto a sales call or complete the sale?

Warm Lead

They are starting to trust you and see value in what you do. This is your opportunity to present your offer and show them how you’ll solve their problem.

You’ll also want to have a system in place for what you’ll do if they don’t buy immediately.


This is where you get to close the deal and get the sale.

What happens when you close the deal?

Post Sale

You make a profit on the back end of the business because it’s easier to sell to someone who has already worked with you.

How will you follow up for the next sale or referral?

You can use a mix of upsells, monthly programs, and referral systems.

Publish Content at the Right Stage

This is why, at every stage, you want to be delivering the right content.

It means when your target audience sees content at the right stage it will resonate with them. Effortlessly guiding them through your marketing and sales process.

The outcome for you? Your wildest dreams will stay coming true.

So if you’re ready for us to help you with your organic content marketing, contact us today for a 15min video call.