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We’ll help keep your business running smoothly, making everything things are getting done, while you are busy looking after your customers, creating new products and spending time with your family.

Our team of local business support specialists will take care of creating your newsletters, websites, emails, invoicing and managing your online community.

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About InDeed We Can

Louise, the owner of InDeed We Can Ltd, started on her entrepreneurial path when she was pregnant with her first child over 12 years ago. Frustrated at the lack of organic and eco friendly products, she decided to do something about it. Her journey lead her down many paths until she discovered her true passion…being in the background, helping others succeed.  Louise spent many late nights and missed many milestones as she tried to do it all on her own. It wore her down and eventually realised there had to be a better way.

Fast forward to today, Louise and her team use their extensive experience to help other business women get their time back and give them the head space they need to grow their business.

The InDeed We Can team support you by doing your invoices, keeping your social media active and sending out your newsletters. You’ll be working with a team of business specialists, not just another VA.

Meet the InDeed We Can Team

LouiseBusiness Manager
With a background in office administration, Louise has spent the last 12+ years running her own online business.
Heather brings over 20 years experience as a bookkeeper, helping small businesses manage their accounts.
KatrinaSocial Media
Katrina has an extensive background in social media content creation and business ownership from the UK to NZ.
MichaelWebsite Designer
Michael brings his years of experience in website design and project management to ensure your website is running smoothly.
RhiannonAdmin Assistant
Rhiannon has a background in business ownership, graphic design, social media and newsletters.
TraceyFinancial Adviser Assistant
Tracey brings over 20 years of experience in the Financial sector to assist financial advisers manage their clients.
InDeed We Can Limited Values

Self Management Tip #3

Learn when you are more productive and schedule your work time around that.

If your energy levels are higher in the morning, do your work during that period rather than in the afternoon when your energy levels are lower.