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We make email marketing simple and effortless, even for the busiest service-based business owner.

Does your to-do list feel overwhelming? You prioritise clients, often letting certain tasks fall by the wayside. Is your email marketing one of the tasks that keep getting pushed to tomorrow?

Introducing InDeed We Can

InDeed We Can is your experienced email marketing team. We’re dedicated to helping growth-driven service-based business owners optimise their email marketing. 

Our mission? To empower you to show up consistently in your audience’s inboxes, with high-quality content that initiates meaningful conversations and cultivates lasting relationships.

Louise and Katrina Your Experienced Email Marketing Team


Each email you send serves a purpose – to connect with your audience and generate leads. No more sending irrelevant content.


Our services are designed with small businesses in mind. Done with you or Done for you, together we’ll make email marketing effortless. 

Highly Skilled

Our remote team offers hands-on experience and specialist knowledge. We’re an experienced email marketing team you can trust.

Louise - Email Marketing Strategist

Meet Louise Deed, Your Email Marketing Strategist

As the founder of InDeed We Can, I understand the challenges business owners face. I’ve been a small business owner since 2006 and found a passion for helping others elevate their presence through effortless email marketing. Today, my small team and I here to help you achieve your business dreams.

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