Must Knows About Business Communication & Teamwork

An often overlooked piece of the digital marketing puzzle is business communication and teamwork. From our team, to yours. Including other agencies and freelancers you use. 

Because sometimes the difference between your marketing tactics being successful or not can come down to the lack of teamwork and business internal communication.

The importance of having an online marketing plan that everyone has access to is fundamental to the success of your business.

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Must Knows About Business Communication & Teamwork

Sharing is Caring

One thing that really sets us apart from other marketing assistant agencies is our ability to work with others outside of our own multidisciplinary team.

We don’t mind if you choose to use a different agency to manage your paid advertising, or manage your email newsletters. All we ask is that you tell us and allow us to communicate and work together as required.

It’s all about you

Because this will allow us to make sure that what we do and the advice they give you is aligned with the goals and objectives we are working on for you.

When one of these pieces is out of alignment, it can throw you off track and will let the confusion and frustration settle in. 

We don’t want that for you, for us and for anyone.

Money is only part of the equation

You might feel like your costs will easily get out of control with this approach to your marketing. But let me assure you…in the long run, you’ll save money and see better results.

When you have your entire marketing department working and moving as one mean machine, it allows you to cut out all the unnecessary back and forth between people, wasted budget on tactics that failed because people aren’t seeing a clear and consistent message from your online marketing activities.

Don’t go at it alone

Is Project Management or Managing a number of different people not your zone of genius? Don’t panic! We can step up and do this for you. We’ll take on this important role to ensure teamwork and communication is happening within your business.

Instead of telling several people what to do, you tell us, then we’ll make sure your entire team receives the right instructions to carry out your marketing. 

Let’s do it right

The road map to successful teamwork and communication starts with having the right plan in place and that looks a little like this:

#1 Talk to us about your big picture and what you want to improve.

#2 We’ll put together a marketing strategy plan that incorporates all your marketing avenues and talk with the right people to ensure we include their side as well.

#3 You sit back and let us manage everything. We’ll have regular meetings with you and the team to ensure we all remain focused and on track.

Want to do your own marketing plan? Download our one page marketing plan then give us a call to get started.

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