Case Study: How I Helped Leanne Transform her Email Automation

Case Study: How I Helped Leanne Transform her Email Automation

TL;DR: I helped Leanne set up and manage her email automation so she could effectively capture leads and engage with her audience…Click here to book a call with me. 

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The Client

Client: Leanne Jackson

Industry: ECE Trainer and Coach

Challenge: Leanne Jackson, an experienced ECE trainer and coach, struggled with the technical aspects of setting up a landing page and automating her email marketing. These challenges prevented her from effectively capturing leads and engaging with her audience, impacting her ability to grow her business.


Leanne partnered with InDeed We Can to overcome these obstacles. Louise, the driving force behind InDeed We Can, provided a comprehensive solution tailored to Leanne’s specific needs:

1. Personalised Guidance and Support:
Louise took the time to understand Leanne’s unique challenges and goals, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. This personalised approach made Leanne feel at ease and understood.

2. End-to-End Email Automation Creation:
Managing the entire process of building Leanne’s email automation, Louise eliminated the technical complexities of email automation setup. This allowed Leanne to focus on her core business activities without worrying about the intricacies of email marketing development.

3. Empowering Education on Tools:
Using MailerLite, the chosen email marketing platform, Louise provided clear, step-by-step explanations of its key functionalities. This empowered Leanne with the foundational knowledge to manage her email marketing independently in the future.


  • Reduced Technical Burden:
    By delegating the email automation to Louise and receiving thorough explanations, Leanne was relieved from the technical stresses. This enabled her to dedicate more time to her core business activities.

  • Enhanced Understanding of Email Marketing:
    Leanne gained valuable insights into MailerLite and the possibilities of email automation. This foundational knowledge set her up for future success in managing her email marketing campaigns independently.

  • Positive Collaborative Experience:
    Leanne appreciated the collaborative and supportive approach Louise provided. She highlighted Louise’s expertise and professionalism, which made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free.


“Before I started working with InDeed We Can, my challenge was understanding ‘the how’ with setting up a landing page and automating information to subscribers. The connection and presence I got from working with Louise enabled me to feel at ease as she heard me and understood where I was with my challenge and what I needed. The biggest benefit I got from working with InDeed We Can, was Louise doing the work for me. As well as taking me through the landing page and explaining MailerLite and key parts and how they both work. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Louise and would highly recommend her expertise!” – Leanne Jackson, Stepping Forward to Success

Why Audience Engagement Matters and How Email Automation Can Help

Building strong relationships with your audience is essential for business success. An engaged subscriber audience is more likely to:

1. Become Repeat Clients:
Engaged clients understand your value proposition and trust your brand, leading to ongoing business and loyalty.

2. Advocate for Your Brand:
Satisfied clients and leads can become your biggest champions, spreading the word about your services to their network.

3. Provide Valuable Feedback:
An engaged audience is more likely to share their experiences, giving you insights to refine your offerings and enhance client satisfaction.

Email automation is a powerful tool for fostering client engagement. It allows you to:

1. Stay Connected Effortlessly:
Automated emails ensure you regularly send informative and engaging content, keeping your brand top-of-mind without fighting an algorithm.

2. Nurture Leads Effectively:
Guide potential clients through your sales funnel with personalised, timely emails that provide valuable content and nurture their interest.

3. Promote Your Services Consistently:
Share updates, special offers, and success stories seamlessly, showcasing your expertise and encouraging client engagement.

By leveraging email automation, you can maintain meaningful connections with your leads and clients, ensuring they remain engaged and loyal to your brand.

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