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The Powerful Three Marketing Channels

The Powerful Three

There are many marketing channels and finding the time and energy to focus on them can be overwhelming.

That’s why at InDeed we concentrate on The Powerful Three (social media, blogs and newsletters).

These three channels provide an easy and effective way to reach a large audience, meet your potential customers where they’re browsing, and build rapport.

How to Double Your Organic Leads

How to Double Your Organic Leads

As a growth-orientated business owner, you’ll be all about generating organic leads. However, it’s no easy feat to stay consistently busy and have your pipeline filled with future clients.

No doubt we’re on the same page when we say more leads equal increased revenue and an unlocked ability to expand your business.

B2B Email Marketing

B2B Email Marketing

We know from working with dozens of clients, that B2B email marketing is often tossed into the too hard, too time-consuming basket. With thoughts like: What should I write in my email newsletter? How often should I send emails? What if people unsubscribe? Why aren’t more people opening my emails? How do I set it …

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Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

Common Digital Marketing Mistakes – and How to overcome them!

Digital marketing is broad, and there is advice coming from all angles – so how do you know which to take? We’ve covered some common mistakes we see business owners making, and we’re giving you some tips on how to ensure you’re making the most of your digital marketing. Are you making these mistakes on Facebook? …

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