Content Writing Made Easy – Your Blog Post Checklist

Content Writing Made Easy – Your Blog Post Checklist

You keep seeing that you should be regularly posting blogs, but you keep putting it off because you’re either not sure what to say or overwhelmed with how to piece it together.
It’s easier than you think!

Writing your own content for a blog post shouldn’t be hard or time-consuming. Before you sit down and start your content writing, you’ll need to do your homework.

First of all, you need to choose a blog topic – but not just any old topic.

Choose a subject that relates to your keyword phrases – these are the search terms you want to rank high for on Google Search, and a topic that resonates with your target audience. We talked about simple ways to define your audience in this post, so take a mo to read that if you need to brush up a little.

Your topic must resonate with your audience and relate to one of your focus keyword phrases.

Remember your title tag and meta description – these are imperative for both SEO and UX purposes – your content needs to be easily identified by both Google and your reader.

When you’re writing any content, write as if you are talking directly to your audience. Use YOU instead of I/We. Make your reader the main character – you’re the guide that helps them solve their problem. Your product or service is the solution that makes them live happily ever after.

Check out this great example from Whitlocks Mint Sauce:

F. Whitlock & Sons Mint Sauce

Nothing goes better with lamb than mint sauce. NOTHING.

We’re quite prepared to fight you about this if you disagree and chances are we OUTNUMBER you SIGNIFICANTLY. So you best toe the line and enjoy your lamb with this thick, rich mint sauce like a good fellow.

Your Blog Post Checklist

  1. Use a headline that turns heads.
    Does your title make someone want to keep reading? Did you come up with multiple title ideas before picking the best one? Does it contain your target keywords?
  2. Add a strong hook to your intro. Is the introduction to your blog attention-grabbing? Does it include something that would otherwise be interesting or surprising?
    Reel ‘em in!
  3. Ensure your content offers value. Is this information beneficial to your target audience? Does it answer their questions, or help them solve problems they have?
  4. Formatting is important for improved readability. Did you use headings, bullet points, white space, and lists? This helps split your content into easily digestible sections.
  5. Keep it interesting with the addition of visual elements. Images, videos, GIFs, and graphics break up blocks of text and reinforce your messaging. Are your visuals SEO optimized? Ensure your filename is relevant and alt text accurately describes the image.
  6. Have you included links? Include links to relevant content both internally and externally. Increase the value and benefit to your readers this way. Internal links will also keep them on your site for longer, which is always a win!
  7. Have you got a clear, strong CTA? Make sure your call to action is obvious so readers know what to do after reading your blog.
  8. Have you proofread your post – at least twice? Check for typos, grammatical issues, and readability. You could use an external app like Grammarly or Hemingway for backup.
  9. Have you added an accurate meta description? This should summarise your post concisely and accurately, so readers know what they’re in for.
  10. You’re good to go – it’s publishing time. Do you want this blog live now, or does it need to be scheduled for a specific time and date? Ensure your website is set in the correct timezone if you are scheduling.

Bookmark our blog post checklist, even print it out so you can refer back to it.

A similar principle can be applied to other content you create in your business.

Feeling stuck with content writing?

If you struggle to find the words, or if you don’t know what content your audience is reading, our expert team is here to help you with that.  Simply send us a message to start a conversation with us.

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