Digital Marketing Plan

Your digital marketing plan should help you to work smarter, not harder

Quick question for you:

If you were heading away on a road trip, to a magical spot you’d never visited before, would you:

A. Use Google maps to help you get there?

B. Take a stab in the dark and guess your way there?

The answer of course is A. No one wants to waste time and money driving directionless towards a destination.

Same goes for your digital marketing plan.

It’s a marketing roadmap to keep you heading in the right direction towards your business goals.

When you know where you’re heading you’re less likely to be distracted by dead end diversions, which are abundant online. And you’re more likely to achieve the business growth you really want.

How a digital marketing plan will help you

Get clarity

On your customers, their needs, how to attract and engage them, what platforms you actually need to be on, and more.

Make life easier

No more throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Just consistent, streamlined, intentional marketing.

Save money

When you know where you’re heading you stop wasting money on things that won’t move the needle.

More time

You’ll know what to say, when to say it, and why. No more staring at the screen wasting valuable time wondering what to post.

Need help to get your digital marketing plan sorted?

How we can help you


D.I.Y Marketing plan

The Ultimate *90-Day Marketing Plan* Masterclass is the D.I.Y approach to creating your own marketing plan.

Over the duration of the online masterclass, you’ll learn how to create an actionable 90-day marketing plan and you’ll be able to work through the masterclass at your own pace.


1:1 Marketing plan

Let’s get your quarterly digital marketing plan locked and loaded.

During this 90min 1:1 session, we’ll work together to create an actionable digital marketing plan, that you’ll be excited to implement.

Over a 1:1 Zoom call, we’ll talk about your business, your values, mission, ideal clients, and the big goals you want to hit.

Then we’ll work through how to get you there in the most efficient, purposeful way, giving you an overall approach and a step-by-step plan you can work to.

This quarterly plan isn’t intended to gather dust on your desk. It’s a highly actionable plan designed to propel your business forward.

If you need help to put your plans into action, we’re right here. Keen as mustard to help you with our email marketing, social media, and website content services.


Marketing review

Every 3 months we’ll go over your quarterly digital marketing plan. We’ll look at what was achieved, what wasn’t (and why), what’s working and what’s not.

Then we’ll help you decide what needs to be carried over and look at what else you’re eager to achieve in the quarter ahead.

Our reviews are good for keeping you (and us if we are implementing your marketing activities) accountable and consistently moving forward.

Imagine how good it’ll feel to get your marketing plan sorted, so you can start getting traction you want.

Your investment

When you invest in marketing plan help from us, you get to:

  • Feel in control. That feeling of being all over the place when it comes to your marketing… that’ll be a thing of the past.
  • Stop worrying about not putting yourself out there as much as you ‘should’. You’ll know exactly what you need to do, and you’ll show up more consistently and confidently.
  • Spend more time working on revenue generating activities. Once you get a clear plan that removes the guesswork from your marketing, you’ll free up time to spend in other areas of your business.

D.I.Y Marketing Plan

$ 47 +GST per person
  • Let’s get your 90-Day digital marketing plan locked and loaded with our online course.

1:1 Marketing Session

$ 375 +GST per session
  • Book a 90min 1:1 online session, where we’ll work together to create an actionable digital marketing plan.

Marketing Review

$ 250 +GST per review
  • Book a marketing review session. Where we’ll look at what you achieved, what’s working and what’s not.

What Clients Are Saying

Before working with Indeed We Can, email marketing was a mighty headache for me. I had an issue with Mailchimp that I couldn’t get sorted, but as soon as I handed it over to Louise she figured out a solution, which was a great relief. Now InDeed We Can manage my email marketing & I have peace of mind that a regular email newsletter is going out. It’s really helped my business to maintain awareness among our clients. We’ve had inquiries and work off the back of our emails. Even from clients that haven’t worked with us for a long time - it’s reminded them we’re there, so they give us a call.
Jamie Ford
Leadership Consultant
Before I hired Louise and her team to implement my social media and email marketing activities, I was struggling with the technical know-how and the time to dedicate to these tasks. I needed an agency who was able to help me get it sorted, so I didn't have to think about it. After working with Louise and her team I felt the weight lift from my shoulders, allowing me to focus on delivering my services helping parents with their newborns and toddlers. InDeed We Can helped me by managing my social media profiles and newsletters to ensure I showed up for my community with content that resonated with them. If you're looking for help with your social media management and email marketing, I highly recommend InDeed We Can
Dorothy Waide
Baby Help

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