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Stuck in a rut with your digital marketing?

Right now you probably feel like your current approach to marketing isn’t getting you anywhere fast (or even anywhere slow.) You’re an expert at what you do, but you feel like you can’t quite get your online marketing right. Even though you give it a damn good go.

The truth is

You wear multiple business hats, and spend too much time (that you haven’t got) trying to get engagement and traction online. But the response is always… meh.

There’s SO much marketing advice out there you feel dazed and confused by it all.

Shiny new online platforms hailed as the NEXT BIG THING keep popping up. You don’t know where to devote your efforts for maximum impact.

You s.t.r.u.g.g.l.e to come up with strategic content ideas, so you scramble at the end of the day, posting anything, just to be visible.

Is it any wonder you feel like you're in a swamp of stuckness?

You know you can’t keep going like this

What you need is a boutique digital marketing agency to take the weight off. Oh wait – that’s us!

Here's how you can take a load off your plate

Step 1:

Book a 30min call with Louise to talk about what help you are looking for.

Step 2:

You’ll receive a proposal that outlines the package that is right for you.

Step 3:

Congratulate yourself on taking positive action. We’re excited to help you succeed!

Main Services


Get a clear, purposeful marketing approach and find peace of mind.


Grow and nurture your email community with ease.


Socialise with intention. No more late afternoon content scrambles.


Keep your website updated with fresh new content.


What Clients Are Saying

I was sick of doing social media myself. It was time consuming and not something I enjoy. I know it's very necessary but it was taking forever to do. I didn't want to spend that 45 minutes every day, I wanted to use that 45 minutes to do something that I actually enjoy and I'm actually good at. Working with Louise and the team at InDeed We Can has saved me time and has given me the mental space in my day to think about something else. It doesn’t feel like a big rock that needs to be handled any more.
Faye Lawand
Internal Conflict Resolution Expert
Before working with Indeed We Can, email marketing was a mighty headache for me. I had an issue with Mailchimp that I couldn’t get sorted, but as soon as I handed it over to Louise she figured out a solution, which was a great relief. Now InDeed We Can manage my email marketing & I have peace of mind that a regular email newsletter is going out. It’s really helped my business to maintain awareness among our clients. We’ve had inquiries and work off the back of our emails. Even from clients that haven’t worked with us for a long time - it’s reminded them we’re there, so they give us a call.
Jamie Ford
Leadership Consultant

We're right for you if...

You’re out of the early stages of business and are clear on your vision and goals.

You have a marketing strategy OR you are willing to do our 90-day marketing plan course to develop one.

You’re ready to invest in a purposeful online presence and an ongoing relationship with us to get results.

You understand the value and power of outsourcing your digital marketing.

You have a strong moral compass and an awesome product(s) or service you’re excited to share.

You understand online marketing success is a long-term game, not an overnight success story.

We're not right for you if...

You want quick wins. You’re not interested in building meaningful long-term relationships with your audience.

You’re in the early stages of business and are not clear on your vision or goals.

You don’t have a marketing strategy and are not willing to work with us to develop one.

You have a limited budget or you can’t commit to an ongoing relationship with us.

You sell health/fitness related products that aren't backed by reputable testing and proven scientific results.

Your business is focused on or backed by religious organisations, or associated with gambling and other get rich quick schemes.

So how about it, are you keen to work with an Auckland based digital marketing agency?

Join our Facebook Group if you’re feeling a little unsure. Otherwise book a 30min call today.

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