Email Marketing

We make email marketing a breeze for you

We’re BIG fans of sending newsletters.

But we know from our experience of working with dozens of clients, that email marketing is often tossed into the too hard, too time-consuming basket.

Thoughts like
  • What should I write in my email newsletter?
  • How often should I send newsletters?
  • What if people unsubscribe?
  • Why aren’t more people opening my emails?
  • How do I set it up to send people my lead magnet?
  • How do I send an email sequence?

These are all perfectly reasonable thoughts to have. We completely understand.

The truth is, sending a regular newsletter can be a game changer for small businesses. Here’s how:

Increase sales

Email marketing has the best potential ROI of any marketing channel.

It's all yours!

You own your email list. It’s not borrowed and you’re not beholden to anyone else.

Free from algorithms

It’s a direct invite into the inner sanctum of someone’s inbox.

Nurture relationships

Build trust, connection, and loyalty with your email subscribers so you become the obvious choice.

Brand awareness

Consistent email marketing builds recognition and recall within your audience.

Targeted messages

Easily target specific messages to specific subscribers for better results.

We’re here to make it easy for you to harness these benefits by building a consistent email marketing presence that gets results.

How we can help you


The techy stuff

Email marketing tech got you stumped?
We’re nifty at setting up email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and MailerLite correctly.

We make them play nicely with your website, landing pages, and lead magnets, so you can confidently capture new email leads with ease.

If you’re confused with segmentation, tagging, and automation, we can help with that too.


Email sequences

Are your email subscribers joining your email list & falling into a void of nothingness?

Your mission, should you choose to accept (we recommend you do), is to start nurturing new email subscribers in the first 24-48 hours. It’s the most critical time for you to make an impact and start building a relationship.

Let’s make it happen with a strategic email sequence to nurture your new leads towards a sale.


Email newsletters

Does your email list need a little lovin’?

People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. A regular email newsletter helps you to build that kind of relationship and keep you top of mind when they need someone with your expertise.

We know that figuring out what to write, and finding time to get it done (let alone consistently) is what holds most people back from emailing their list. <— That’s the pain we take away.

Your investment

Our email marketing packages make it simple for you to grow your business with email marketing. When you invest in one of our packages you get to:

  • Stop stressing about not having your email marketing sorted. Feel the weight lift knowing you’re finally ticking this critical marketing activity off your list.
  • Spend more time working on revenue generating activities. We promise it’ll take no time for us to get up to speed, so you can focus on the activities that only you can do.
  • Nurture engaged email subscribers into paying clients. We’ll make sure your emails are set-up correctly to welcome and nurture every time someone new joins your email community.

New Account Setup

$ 150 +GST per account
  • We’ll get your new Mailchimp or MailerLite account set up and upload your Excel or csv database ready for sending.

Newsletter Send-Out

$ 275 +GST per newsletter
  • We’ll proofread, create and send your newsletter with content supplied by you.

Email 1:1 Session

$ 190 +GST per session
  • We'll spend 60mins on a video call or over coffee where you can ask me your email marketing questions

What Clients Are Saying

Before working with Indeed We Can, email marketing was a mighty headache for me. I had an issue with Mailchimp that I couldn’t get sorted, but as soon as I handed it over to Louise she figured out a solution, which was a great relief. Now InDeed We Can manage my email marketing & I have peace of mind that a regular email newsletter is going out. It’s really helped my business to maintain awareness among our clients. We’ve had inquiries and work off the back of our emails. Even from clients that haven’t worked with us for a long time - it’s reminded them we’re there, so they give us a call.
Jamie Ford
Leadership Consultant
We hired Louise and her team to help us with setting up our e-mail marketing. The whole process was incredibly simple and they delivered the outcomes as promised on time and on budget. It would have taken me days to achieve what Louise and the team did in no time at all. I can't recommend Louise and the team more highly for outsourcing those email marketing jobs that you know you need to do but don't have time to do yourself!
Cat Macnaughtan
Getting Lost

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