Intentional Digital Marketing Help

Everything you need to know about outsourcing to InDeed We Can | Intentional Digital Marketing Help. Check out our digital marketing FAQs

Digital Marketing FAQs

What is a digital marketing agency?

As a digital marketing agency, we focus on implementing digital marketing tactics. Our services include anything and everything from an overall strategy to content marketing, email marketing, social media management and more. We leverage online channels to grow your online presence.

Why do I need a digital marketing help?

You need digital marketing help if:
  • marketing isn’t your thing
  • you don’t have time to promote and grow your brand yourself
  • you are not quite sure where to start with digital marketing or how to implement it
  • you find it more cost-effective to outsource marketing services to an agency than hiring an in-house marketer

How Can a Digital Marketing Agency Help Me Grow My Brand?

Once you are on-boarded, our marketing team will help you with key points of your online presence:

  • Creating and implementing your digital marketing strategy
  • Creating purposeful content for social media and websites
  • Creating and optimising email automation

What sets InDeed We Can apart from other digital marketing agencies?

We provide best practice digital marketing services from marketing strategy help, email sequence automations, social media content creation, brand videos and website design.

All of our clients have the option to receive strategic guidance from Louise, as well as an experienced team of specialists whose task is to generate measurable results for you.

We take ownership of our projects, providing transparency through:

  • Regular communication
  • Monthly reporting
  • Project management

Can you guarantee results?

No. Results are individual and cannot be guaranteed by our team. This is because it’s your responsibility to convert your leads into sales. If you aren’t seeing an increase in leads or traffic, then that means we need to to tweak what we are doing or you haven’t allowed enough time for the marketing actions to work. If you are concerned, get in touch.

I have another question

If you have a digital marketing FAQ that hasn’t been addressed above, please reach out to Louise. Click here to contact us.