Are you having trouble growing your email list? These email marketing tactics can help you build a strong and engaged email list.

Email marketing (newsletters) is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience and connect with them to build the kind of loyalty business owners dream of.

Generally the path to attracting email subscribers is through an opt-in offer on your website. You can give away just about anything, but there are a few key requirements to ensure it converts website visitors to email subscribers:

It Must Solve a Problem

Your opt-in offer must solve a problem for your audience and prospects. This means that you need to have a deep understanding of who your audience is, what they want, and why they want it. When you understand their emotions, motivations, and desires and you integrate them into your opt-in offer, you are taking the first important step toward building a loyal audience.

They Need to Value It

Think of your opt-in offer as your opportunity to make a strong first impression. True, you’ve already made an impression because they have signed up for your email list. However, we’re talking about growing a captive audience with email marketing, and that means that your subscribers must value the information that you have sent them.

Value is achieved in a few ways:

  • Your opt-in offer must be quality.
  • It must provide the solution that you promised.
  • It needs to be relevant to your audience member, as well.
  • And above all else, it needs to solve the problem you promised to solve. This is best achieved when you keep your opt-in offer simple.

Don’t try to solve your audience’s biggest problem. Get them interested by taking care of a small one and then feed them bigger and better solutions. Earn their trust. The first step to earning their trust is with an opt-in that they consider to be valuable.

Promise More

The opt-in is just the beginning. It’s a solution to a smaller problem that’s part of a bigger problem.

What offer could you provide your prospects that gets them so excited that they are ready to take the next step with your company – maybe even before they have opened their download?

What can you promise and then what can you promise next?

Creating Your Email Marketing Strategy

Once you have a new subscriber, the real work begins. Your email messages need to be designed to continue to add value, to engage, and ultimately to convert. In essence, you need to be educational, entertaining, and relevant.

If you plan it well, you can walk your new subscriber through the process and pull them deeper into your business. The goal is to sit down at a blank screen or piece of paper and outline the process your ideal subscriber/customer goes through when they’re seeking your products, services, or information.

What are they looking for initially? What problem are they solving? – Provide an opt-in that addresses their needs and desires.

Create an offer and information that helps them take the next step

If you have a sales funnel, you can look at your funnel and explore how to educate your new prospects and offer information while occasionally providing them with an offer or promotion that ties into where they are in their process.

For example, a Paleo blogger with information products may attract their subscribers with a book about how the benefits of going Paleo.

They might then share an email series about how to go Paleo without any cravings with a promotion for a cookbook of simple Paleo recipes.

The Paleo dieting audience will remain captive and loyal because the Paleo blogger is continually providing them with information and value to assist them as they make the transition from learning about Paleo to becoming a committed Paleo dieter.

Get Your Audience Involved

A wonderful way to keep your audience captivated and loyal is to engage them and get them involved. You can ask questions in your email messages or invite them to visit your blog or social media page to participate in a discussion. Look to trending topics, industry news, research, or controversial topics to initiate conversations.

You can also ask readers to participate in contests. For example, you might ask your readers to share a photo of them using your product. You decide what the winner receives and what would be most motivating and relevant with your audience.

Let’s also not forget that your audience has opinions, insight, and requests. Leverage their desire to communicate with you into a survey or questionnaire. You can approach the questionnaire in two different ways. For example, you can send an email questionnaire to learn more about how to serve your audience and customers.

And don’t hesitate to share feedback from existing subscribers. This information helps them feel validated. It tells them that you do in fact read their responses and that you care, and it supports your subscribers to feel like they’re part of a community.

Create Multiple Points of Contact

It’s important to keep in mind that email is one part of an overall marketing strategy designed to bring prospects into your community and to convert them to paying customers. There are additional steps that you can take to keep them in your community.

  • Add social sharing buttons to your email messages.
  • Invite them to participate in conversations on social media.
  • Invite social media followers to sign up for your email list, too. Cross-promote!
  • Share different, but complimentary, content in both your emails and your social posts. Tell your audience what you’re posting, how it’s different, and the value it provides if they follow you on all your marketing channels.
  • And of course, promote your blog in your email messages and promote your email list on your blog.

All these components, engaging, learning, inviting, providing value, and making relevant offers, are part of a solid email marketing strategy. A strategy needs to have goals and a way to track the results as well. And it needs to leave some room for adapting and embracing changes along the way.

Email Marketing Platforms

If you are new to email marketing, here is a list of some great email marketing platforms to use.

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