Chances are, you’ve been exposed to Instagram influencer marketing.

Businesses who have implemented an influencer marketing campaign on this popular social network have seen sales skyrocket overnight. Taking advantage of the over one billion monthly active users who are highly engaged and loyal, businesses are simply loving the results of their marketing campaigns!

If you’re wondering how you too can implement an Instagram influencer marketing campaign, don’t. We’re going to take you inside the world of Instagram marketing, explaining both how a business can harness this power, monitor its success and how you too could become an influencer.

Instagram Influencer MarketingWhat is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Instagram influencer marketing is undertaken by businesses who hire influencers to promote their brand. Influencers are people who have built a large and engaged number of followers. Their followers rely heavily on the influencer’s opinions, and to a degree, idolise them. This results in many followers wanting to try the same brands that their idols share with them.

There are three kinds of influencers on Instagram:

  • Celebrity influencers – major celebrities here, and well out of the reach of almost all brands
  • Macro influencers – think minor celebrities and those who have well over 10,000 followers
  • Micro influencers – around 100-10,000 followers who are highly engaged

Free products or services alone used to be all it took to have an Instagram influencer promote your product. Nowadays, both free products or services, along with financial contributions are expected. This brings influencer marketing aligned with other paid advertising.

However, the major difference between a conventional paid marketing campaign and one using an influencer is authenticity. An influencer can provide personal recommendations about a brand, strongly suggesting to their followers to try it out too.

Celebrity and macro influencers are out of reach of most businesses, who don’t have several hundred thousand dollars to spend. This means micro influencers are their best choice, and we don’t think that is bad news. Instagram micro influencers have many wonderful benefits, including:

  • Smaller and more targeted audiences – micro influencers create content which is focused on a specific niche. Their followers are as invested in this content as they are.
  • Increased credibility and authenticity – micro influencers are regular people who have worked hard to build a following. They are particular about the type of photos they post, treat followers like friends and personally engage with them.
  • More cost effective – you would be looking at around $100 up for one post from a micro influencer.
  • High engagement – micro influencers regularly engage with their audience, and their followers know it! This makes them more willing to like, comment and re-post posts.


Using Instagram Influencer Marketing for Your Business

You’ve decided to take the step of hiring an Instagram micro influencer to promote your brand.

To achieve the best results, there are three steps you’ll need to work through:

  • Identify your goals
    • What do you want to achieve: sales, brand awareness or both?
    • What is the main thing you want the influencer to promote?
    • How much would you like to raise sales or increase revenue by as a result of this campaign?


  • Choose your micro influencer who:
    • Focuses on the industry your brand is in
    • Genuinely and personally engages with their followers
    • Has an image that fits with your brand
    • Has a good number of followers, although engagement is a better metric to rely on
    • Charges a price that fits in your budget
    • Can generate significant traffic to your website
    • Is active and whose followers are active in the location you’d like your business promoted. This often means staying in the same city, region or country

You can create a shortlist by hunting down Instagram micro influencers by:

  • Searching for hashtags related to your industry
  • Check who is using your brand hashtag already
  • Using online tools such as co, Buzz Sumo, or Ninja Outreach
  • Checking out who is commenting on your posts and those of your competition
  • Create a written sales pitch to send your chosen influencers which:
    • Explains why your brand and they are a good fit

Once you’ve completed the three steps, you’ll be better positioned to not only find and engage the services of the best influencer but to also achieve a kickass Instagram influencer marketing campaign!


Tracking the Success of Your Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns

You’re spending a lot of time and money organising an influencer led marketing campaign. That’s why you need to keep track of its performance along the way. This involves keeping relevant measurements of how successful it has been. To do this, you need use robust and measurable analytics, including:

  • Brand sentiment – what are people saying about your brand online. Where are they talking about it and how much ‘noise’ is there? Are your brand hashtags being used?
  • Website traffic – how many people are visiting your website from Instagram or the influencer’s website, plus any increases of organic or direct traffic?
  • Sales – what are your sales like? How many conversions are you getting?
  • Engagement rate – how many likes, comments and reposts are posts containing your brand getting?
  • Audience – how large is the audience you are reaching?

It is expected than by 2020, there will be $8 billion spent on Instagram influencer marketing. When it comes to measuring the ROI or return on investment though, this is where things can get tricky. It’s really hard to identify solid data on ROI without spending hours on studying results. Tapinfluence completed an in-depth study and found that influencer marketing delivered 11 times more ROI annually than other forms of digital advertising did. While that sounds awesome, these results will vary widely. However, this also means that if you’re not currently undertaking an Instagram influence marketing campaign, you should be!


How to Become an Instagram Influencer?

If becoming an Instagram influencer is right up your alley, have we got the information you need. As an Instagram influencer, you can not only promote your own brand and reap the rewards, but also get paid for promoting someone else’s. Obviously, you’ll not be wanting to promote your competition, so careful selection of brands which would benefit mutually would be needed. To become an influencer on Instagram, here are 7 things you’ll need to do:

  • Pick your niche – obviously if you are wanting to promote your own brand, then it will need to be within that industry. Otherwise, choose a niche which you are interested in and have lots of knowledge about.
  • Write your Instagram bio – what would you like others to know about you? What would you tell someone at a networking event?
  • Decide upon your aesthetic – how do you want your posts to look? You’ll need to continually stick with the same aesthetic in colours, contents, fonts, look and feel in your feed.
  • Showcase your voice and personality – what adjectives describe your influencer style? This will not only help attract businesses to you, but also the followers.
  • Choose hashtags – hashtags help increase followings because they are searchable words and phrases. Experts believe that using around 11 hashtags per post gives you the best results.
  • Post content often – to grow your following, you need to post content regularly, at least once per day. Remember, you are wanting to build up your following so that businesses are happy to compensate you to promote their brand. By posting irregularly, you are ranked lower on Instagram’s algorithm, which means less engagement and audience reached.
  • Interact with your followers – one of the key aspects when selecting an influencer is that they are regularly and genuinely engaging with their followers. You’ll need to do the same!


A large part of our job here at InDeed We Can is digital marketing support, and that includes with Instagram. We’d be happy to work with you to create an awesome Instagram influencer marketing campaign. From finding and negotiating with the best Instagram influencers, to creating and posting content to your Instagram account, we’re here to help.

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