A webinar for bold service providers who want to grow their email list

Why Attend?

Attract your people then nurture them from lead to client

Want more leads? Of course, you do.

No Lead Magnet? No Problem.

Learn how to grow your email list the right way with email marketing strategist Louise Deed.

In this 60min online webinar, you’ll learn:

💥 Why you need a lead magnet

💥 How to create a lead magnet that will attract more leads

💥 How to convert these leads into clients

Forget the overwhelm of building your email list.

And start attracting the people who want to work with you!

WHo Should Attend?

This Rebel without a Lead Magnet Webinar is for you if:

 ✔ You’re not using a freebie to grow your email list

 ✔ You created a freebie but it’s not working

 ✔ You sell kickass services that your existing clients love

 ✔  You’re ready to attract more of the right people who want to work with you 

✔ You’re looking for a No BS solution to grow your business

Spend 60 minutes with me and walk away knowing how to create a kickass lead magnet so you can attract your people and grow your email list.

Meet Louise

Your Webinar Host

I’m your misfit sidekick in the complex world of email marketing for service-based business owners who want to make more money from their email list.

With me as your sidekick, prepare to say NO to sending boring emails that get ignored. And say YES to nurturing your email list from leads to paying clients.

But here’s the catch. I only work with business owners who sell kickass services and want to serve even more clients and retain their existing clients.

So if that’s you…let’s turn you into a Rebel WITH a Lead Magnet! 

InDeed We Can - Email Marketing Strategists

Louise Deed

Misfit Email Marketing Strategist
at InDeed We can

What you will get

During this webinar, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for creating a kickass lead magnet to attract your people and grow your email list.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

🚀 Discover how to go from having no lead magnet to a powerful tool that builds trust and establishes your expertise.

🚀 Learn the framework for crafting irresistible lead magnets that attract your ideal clients.

🚀 Craft an automated email sequence that warms up your new leads and converts them into paying clients.

Stop feeling lost. Stop wondering where to start and become the Rebel with a Lead Magnet you should be. 

The place

It's online baby!

Everyone can be part of this webinar – it’ll be hosted online using Google Meet.

Buy your tickets today and connect with other rebels.

be a rebel with a lead magnet

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About InDeed We Can

Based in Auckland, InDeed We Can is your misfit guide in the complex world of email marketing. Prepare to say no to sending boring business emails. And say yes to doing email your way. So if you’re ready to break the rules and take on the world of email marketing, you’re in the right place. 

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