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What are Lead nurturing emails?

Lead nurturing email marketing is creating an email sequence that will move your leads from “not ready to buy” to “ready to buy”.

In technical terms: moving leads from the consideration stage to the decision stage of the lead funnel.

This sequence allows you to build up trust with your lead, making the decision to buy from you, an easy decision. And it’s an essential part of your email marketing strategy.

Because lead nurturing emails increase the chances of your leads becoming a client. It means you no longer have to cross your fingers and hope they will book your services. Instead, you get to guide and lead them through to making the decision.

What are Lead nurturing emails?

An effective lead nurturing email sequence will engage and encourage your reader to take action. Thus increasing your chances of converting them from a lead to a client. Which in turn will increase your revenue.

If you don’t have this email sequence setup, you’re losing sales. Are you prepared to continue paying that price?

No? Great read on to learn the 4 best practices for creating lead nurturing emails.

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First, you need to have some prework done…

You’ll need to ensure you have an account set up on MailerLite (affiliate link).

Then you’ll need to have a lead magnet created so you can grow your list.

If you don’t have either of these in place, that’s okay – reach out and we’ll help you get that done.

Now that you have the prework done, let’s carry on.

4 best practices for creating lead nurturing emails

  1. Personalise your emails
  2. Focus on one topic per email
  3. Lead your subscriber
  4. Combine emails with social media

Personalise your emails

And we don’t mean adding their first name but using segments to create personalised emails. This will help keep your message targeted rather than a generalised email to your whole list.

Think about who is on your list, have you worked with them before? Are you currently working with them? Or did they come in through your lead magnet? Tailor your message to suit each segment.

Focus on one topic per email

This is the biggest mistake I see many business owners make. Cramming so much information into one email that it becomes confusing and overwhelming.

It’s better to create a 10 email sequence than a 2 email sequence with many call-to-actions in each one.

Lead your subscriber

Your lead nurturing sequence should lead your subscriber through your sales funnel. To ensure this happens, plan out the flow of your emails with your sales funnel in mind. This helps you to create an effective email sequence. One that will convert your subscriber into a client (or upsell them if they are an existing client).

Combine emails with social media

This is often overlooked but your email marketing and social media should go hand in hand. Social media is a two-way communication whereas email is one-way communication. It’s important to encourage your email subscribers to follow and engage with you on social media.


We’ve shown 4 best practices to follow when creating your own email nurture sequence. You now have a clear understanding of why a lead nurturing email sequence is important.

If you feel overwhelmed about this but know you need it, email us. Louise will send you information about our email sequence package.

You’ll get your sequence planned out, written, and implemented. And as an added bonus, we’ll review it in 3 months to ensure it’s providing you with leads.

How good does that sound?

Talk soon, Louise 💜

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