Manage your mailchimp audience

How to manage your Mailchimp Audience

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In the ever-evolving world of email marketing, understanding how to effectively manage your Mailchimp audience is key to leveraging this powerful tool.

With Mailchimp’s dynamic features, you gain greater control over your data and can use it to its full potential for marketing and business growth.

Let’s explore the different statuses within Mailchimp and what they mean for your marketing strategy.

Understanding Mailchimp Audience Statuses

Subscribed Contact:

These are individuals who have actively opted in to receive your email marketing campaigns.

They are the core of your audience and can receive all types of marketing emails. Remember, these contacts count towards your monthly plan limit.

Unsubscribed Contact:

These contacts have chosen to opt out and no longer receive marketing emails, but they can still be reached with ads, postcards, and transactional emails.

Notably, unsubscribed contacts continue to count towards your monthly plan.

Pro Tip: Archive unsubscribed contacts to ensure they don’t count towards your monthly plan limit.

Non-subscribed Contact:

These are individuals who have interacted with your business (often through your online store) but haven’t opted in for marketing emails.

They count towards your monthly plan limit and can receive non-email marketing communications.

Cleaned Contacts:

These are email addresses that have been removed due to hard or repeated soft bounces.

Hard bounces occur due to incorrect email addresses, while soft bounces might happen when an inbox is full.

Cleaned contacts don’t count towards your plan limit and can’t receive any emails.

Pro Tip: If a cleaned contact has a typo in their email address, you can re-add them manually with the correct details.

Pending Contacts:

These are individuals who have signed up but haven’t confirmed their subscription.

They remain pending for 60 days before being removed if unconfirmed and do not count towards your plan limit.

Archived Contacts:

Archiving a contact removes them from your active audience list but retains their data.

Archived contacts don’t count towards your plan limit and can’t receive marketing emails.

The Importance of Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are essential for communicating with your contacts about their account activities or commercial transactions.

These can include order confirmations, password reminders, and other non-marketing communications.

Optimising Your Mailchimp Strategy

Now that you’re familiar with the different statuses in Mailchimp, you’re ready to segment your audience for more targeted campaigns.

Segmentation can be based on factors like engagement levels, location, or purchase history.

This targeted approach ensures that your email marketing efforts are more personalized and effective.

Mailchimp Foundations Certification

Louise, our certified Mailchimp email marketing strategist, can provide you with insights and strategies to segment your audience and optimise your email campaigns.

Get in touch today to elevate your email marketing game and make the most of Mailchimp.

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