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Your Guide to marketing on Instagram

This is your easy-to-follow guide to marketing on Instagram. People use Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about. This includes content from brands and businesses.

60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram (reference: Instagram user survey 2015) so it’s a good idea to ensure you are using it as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Make sure you have a business profile so you can see real-time metrics on your stories and get insights into how followers are interacting with your content. Having a business profile will unlock features only available to businesses making it easier to get noticed and drive sales.

Don’t have an account yet?  >> Click here for instructions on getting your business profile set up. <<

Instagram is a highly visible experience so making sure your content is creative and engaging is key.

If you struggle to figure out what content works best for your business, we suggest looking at your customers and online community to ensure you create content that resonates and inspires.

Our 3 pro tips for creating content

  1. Decide what story you want the post, story, reel, or live to tell.
  2. Decide on the look and feel of your content.
  3. Post Consistently.

Let’s dive a little deeper into those three tips so you can improve your marketing on Instagram.

Story Telling

Use compelling imagery and videos that tell a story that supports your goal. Your content should invoke the right emotional response that makes your follower want and need your product.

And it should be adding value to them either through education, inspiration, or entertainment.

Look and Feel

When you are planning your content, you want to establish a cohesive aesthetic that matches your branding.

You can do this by using a consistent colour palette or filter.

Because this will make your brand memorable, eye-catching, and easily recognizable. And that is what you want to achieve.

Post Consistently

It doesn’t matter whether you post once a week or 5 times a week. You do whatever works for you…just do it consistently.

Use your insights to learn when your followers most active times are and post on those days and times.

As a general rule of thumb, before you post anything on social media, you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. Will this content appeal to my audience?
  2. Does it answer their questions or solve their problem?
  3. Will it spark conversation with them?

Once you have your content planned and ready to post, the next part of improving your marketing on Instagram is engagement.

Social media is a two-way conversation and to do that successfully, you need to engage with your audience.

Improve your engagement on Instagram

Focus on creating and nurturing genuine relationships because that will build a solid community. There are some tricks you can use that will help to improve your Instagram engagement.

  1. Reply to all comments on posts
  2. Before you post new content, go back to your last post and ‘heart’ the comments. This will send them a liked post notification and encourage them to view your new content.
  3. Start conversations by leaving meaningful comments, respond to stories, send DM’s (but not to push your product or service – remember it’s about the conversation).
  4. Include a call to action on posts i.e ask a question. Give a reason for followers to engage in conversation with you.
  5. Share new newsfeed posts to your story.
  6. Share photos of yourself and your team because photos with faces get more engagement.
  7. Share user-generated content.

Creating Posts

When someone first clicks on your Instagram profile link, they are taken to your newsfeed. This is why setting the right look and feel of your content is important…first impressions count.

Creating a visually stunning image emboldened with text will encourage people to share. The more shares, the more people will see your content.

It’s a good idea to create carousel posts with multiple images. Because if someone doesn’t engage the first time they see your post, Instagram will show them your post again using the 2nd image.

These types of posts are great for raising awareness and educating your audience in bite-size squares.

When writing the caption for your post, remember to tell a story and use the imagery to back that story up. Every post should have a purpose and a goal.

Pro Tip: Archive posts that feel out of place and do not serve your purpose.

Using the Story and Reel Features

Use Stories and Reels to showcase your products in an authentic way. Or share DIY tips and tricks using your products.

Add relevant hashtags in your captions (for reels) and text overlay (in stories) to reach more people.

Create fun behind-the-scenes content.

For example, you can create a video to introduce yourself and upload it as a story or reel. Using your phone, shoot a video of yourself. If you don’t want to talk, that’s okay, you can edit to add the words as an overlay.

Pro Tip: Get in the habit of using captions because hardly anyone listens to a video with sound on.

Use Reels and Stories to Highlight your Point of Difference

  • Share your knowledge and advice through your content to establish your expertise.
  • Share your testimonials, feedback, and reviews to establish credibility.
  • Share how you got to where you are today and the hard work you’ve put in along the way.

How to Create a Reel

  • Open up your Instagram app on your phone
  • Tap on the + at the top of your screen
  • On the menu at the bottom, scroll across to select Reel
  • From the menu on the left of the screen, choose an effect, add music if you wish or film without both options
  • Select the timer option from the menu on the left so you can film your video hands-free with a countdown
  • Or just start filming straight away, stopping and starting to create a multi-clip video

How to Create A Story

  • Open up your Instagram app on your phone
  • Tap on the + at the top of your screen
  • On the menu at the bottom, scroll across to select Story
  • If you are using a photo or video from your Gallery, select the image at the bottom left to bring up your gallery. Select the right image.
    • Or you can take a fresh photo or video – scroll through the effect options.
  • From the top menu, you can select Aa to type text overlay or touch the smiley face to bring up the sticker options.
  • Once you are happy with the story, you can choose to share to just your Instagram or add it to your Facebook Story as well (you will need to have your Facebook page connected to your Instagram account).
  • Tap Send to > button then Share.

One final thought before you go implement your marketing on Instagram…Remember that customers enjoy the content that feels approachable and unpolished.

So if you don’t have the budget for our ‘done for you’ marketing services, we can still help guide you through creating a digital marketing strategy and content planner in a way that you can create the content yourself.

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