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Why do I need a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is your blueprint to bring your vision to life. It sets out what you want to achieve and how you will do it. Without one, everything you do have little to no meaning, no consistency and makes it really hard to know if what you are doing is working or not and where you can improve.

A marketing plan is a living breathing document that evolves as you achieve or tweak goals. This is why we recommend breaking your year into quarters. Because it keeps your vision razor sharp.

What should be in it?

Your vision. Your goals. The actions you need to take to get there.

Is a one page marketing plan enough or do I need a multi page plan?

Yes because when you over complicate your marketing, it becomes to hard, too big and you get overwhelmed all over again.

The point of a one page marketing plan is to break your overall vision/goal into easy to digest chunks. The 90 days gives you a decent time limit to put your objectives into action and measure the results.

You can do an in-depth multi page marketing plan if that is how you prefer to operate but we find most small businesses get lost and even more confused.

Let’s keep your goals smart and your plan simple.


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