Social media goals

In today’s online business world, a key part of social media success is knowing which goals and targets to set for your business.

Without these goals and without a strategy, it’s hard to know whether your social media efforts are getting you results or whether you are just wasting your time.

Let’s talk about how you can translate your overall business goals into Social Media goals.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the top reason small businesses use social media. User spends an average of 35 minutes on Facebook every day, making Facebook one of the best places to grab your ideal customers attention.

The brand awareness goal you set will need to incorporate at least one of the following metrics:

  • Followers count – “How many people can you potentially reach?”
  • Reach of your social media posts – “How many people have do reach each day / week / month?”
  • Engagement – “How many people are talking about your brand or sharing your social media posts?”

Example of a Brand Awareness SMART Goal: I will increase my Reach by 5% by 8th August 2020.

Word of Mouth

Referrals are pure gold for your business. And the best way to get referrals is from word of mouth. In social media, this translates as more engagement on your posts.

Engagement is when people like, share, or comment on your post. To achieve this, you will want to be posting things that encourage engagement. Get your followers to comment on your posts by asking a question, or have them to tag their friends to be in with a chance to win something. The higher the engagement on the post, the more people that see it. The more people that see it, the more exposure your business gets.


Social Media is a fantastic place to gain new leads. In order to get these leads, you need to encourage your followers to take the right action.

Almost everyone has at least one social media account, so the chance of reaching your target audience is very high. The thing to remember is that people do not go on social media to buy. They go to browse, to catch up with their friends and to see what is going on in the world. The best thing to do is to encourage them to join your mailing list via social media, then you can stay in touch with them until they are ready to buy. You can simply post a link for them to join your mailing list, or to increase your chances, offer a freebie document or checklist in exchange for their email address.


To ensure that you convert your sales through social, you need to present a respectable image on your pages.

Often the first thing someone will do when they hear of your business, is type it into a search engine. They will check your social media pages to see if your brand is legitimate and something they would like to use. Make sure that you give a good impression on your social media pages. Only post relevant content, be professional and don’t post anything that goes against your business strategy. Reviews (also known as social proof) are a really powerful tool. Ask your satisfied customers to leave reviews, then your potential customers have the chance to read about how great your services are.

By translating your business goals into social media goals, you can create measurable steps towards achieving them.

If you need some help setting your social media goals, or implementing the goals once they have been set, then contact us at InDeed We Can. We have a social media package to help your business utilise these platforms to their full extent. Get in touch to have a chat about your social media today.