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It’s not easy getting yourself seen and heard on social media. There is a lot to consider before you post an update on your page or upload a pin.  Each post needs to be purposeful, thoughtful and have the right insight behind it.

Don’t leave it up to chance, make your social media channel eye catching and full of beautiful content!

Building an engaged community on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest is a long term game. It’s about showing up consistently and posting the content your ideal customer avatar wants to see. It’s about conversation and building that trust before asking your audience to buy your stuff. 

Doing this right takes a lot of time and commitment. So why try and take on more things when you are already stretched?

Outsource your social media to the expert social media management team at InDeed We Can.  And we’ll transform your brand into an authority figure through creative social media strategies, thought provoking content and an abundance of value!

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Social Media Management

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Social Media Management is much more than just posting random photos and videos to your feed.

We become part of your business. We connect to your audience and learn everything we can about your you and your business.

Because this will allow us to tap into all the amazing content avenues out there and make sure the organic content created is serving your audience.

Your dedicated social media manager will work with you to ensure an effective content plan is created. This will ensure we post the right content, at the right time to be seen by the right people.

And if you have content you have already created, but not yet shared with your audience, we’ll include that as well.

Sharing content is easy as ….. creating a brain dump shared document and shared folder for imagery.

We don’t make it complicated!

We create and share content that:

  • Is engaging and targetted to your audience
  • Uses your language and builds trust between your audience and your brand.
  • Promotes your service or products without being sales-y or pushy.
  • Positions you and your brand as the leader and authority in your industry.

Focused on Results

Our skilled team managed a local burger joint social media presence for 4 months. During that time we increased their stats:

Page Likes by 27.17%

Monthly Reach by 6.01%

Engaged Users by 12.33%

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.

Success doesn’t happen over night but it will happen if you put in the mahi.

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