Social Media Management

We'll help you show up consistently on social media without overwhelm.

Quick question for you:

Do you get so overwhelmed with social media that instead of posting, you do nothing?

Or perhaps you have no idea what to post, so you don’t post anything. Or if you do post, it’s something last minute that your community misses.

The truth is. Social media can be a powerful tool that helps you to build trust and nurture potential clients.

Here's how you can show up online consistently...without overwhelm:
Book the social media management package.
We’ll get together for a content planning session.
Then we’ll create and schedule two weekly social media posts on your chosen social media platform.
And we’ll monitor the performance and engagement each day.
While you get to spend your time and energy delighting your existing clients and growing your business.
Our social media management package will help you:

Show Up

Be in front of the right people consistently without the overwhelm.

Attract them

Intentional social media content that will attract the right people.

Build Community

Build your social media community with people who want your services.


Engage with your online community to nurture and build trust.

Ready to get social media management help?

What you'll get


Content Planning Session

We’ll come together online each month to plan out your content for the month ahead.


Two Weekly Social Media Posts

Then each week, we’ll create and schedule two social media posts.

Daily Social Media Monitoring

And each day, we’ll check on your social media page, monitoring the performance and interactions.

Imagine how good it’ll feel to be showing up social media with intentional content. No more random last minute posts.

Your investment

When you invest in organic social media management from us, you get to:

  • Feel in control. That feeling of being all over the place when it comes to your social media… that’ll be a thing of the past.
  • Stop worrying about not putting yourself out there as much as you ‘should’. You’ll  show up more consistently and confidently.
  • Spend your time and energy on the revenue generating activities that only you can do.

Social Media Management Package

$ 780 +GST per month
  • Two social media posts created and scheduled each week
  • 60min content planning session each month
  • Daily monitoring of engagement and performance

What platforms do you work with?

What type of content will you create?

We’ll create content based on the information you share with us. They will be either text or photo/image based. Simple videos can be created but we would recommend using a videographer to create the videos we can publish on social media for you.

What results will I get?

The results you get will depend on a lot of factors. If you have a strategy, it’s helpful to share that with us so we can ensure your social media presence is aligned. If you do not provide us with your goals or strategy then we’ll base results solely on the metrics available on the platform. If you are looking for lead generation results, this package is the right one for you. We do not guarantee sales as this is dependent on your sales process which is outside of this package.

Do you do social media advertising?

No we don’t. We only recommend paid advertising if you have a proven sales process.

Do I have to book for 6 months?

Yes. 6 months is our minimum term. This is because it takes time to build up momentum on social media, learn what your audience responds to and for us to build a long-lasting relationship with you.


What Clients Are Saying

I was sick of doing social media myself. It was time consuming and not something I enjoy. I know it's very necessary but it was taking forever to do. I didn't want to spend that 45 minutes every day, I wanted to use that 45 minutes to do something that I actually enjoy and I'm actually good at. Working with Louise and the team at InDeed We Can has saved me time and has given me the mental space in my day to think about something else. It doesn’t feel like a big rock that needs to be handled any more.
Faye Lawand
Business Coach
I needed a content marketing agency who was able to help me get my social media sorted, so I didn't have to think about it. After working with Louise and her team I felt the weight lift from my shoulders, allowing me to focus on delivering my services helping parents with their newborns and toddlers. InDeed We Can helped me by managing my social media profiles and newsletters to ensure I showed up for my community with content that resonated with them. If you're looking for help with your social media management and email marketing, I highly recommend InDeed We Can
Dorothy Waide
Baby Help

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