The Powerful Three Marketing Channels

The Powerful Three

Social Media + Blogs + Newsletters

There are many marketing channels and finding the time and energy to focus on them can be overwhelming. 

That’s why at InDeed we concentrate on The Powerful Three (social media, blogs and newsletters).

These three channels provide an easy and effective way to reach a large audience, meet your potential customers where they’re browsing, and build rapport. 

With our new Double Your Organic Leads Package we’ll maximise all three channels for you at once. And you’ll reap the following benefits.

Brand consistency across all platforms

Posting on social media or writing your latest blog are the tasks that we cram into the nocks and crannies of the day-to-day running of business.

This leads to random thoughts and ideas being the inspiration behind content resulting in very little brand consistency. 

With the Double Your Organic Leads Package, we plan your content monthly to ensure that we’re showing up across all platforms with intention and purpose. 

Build trust with your audience and you’ll see an increase in engagement and organic leads. 

Be seen

No matter where your audience shows up, you’ll be there (*cue Friends theme song*). 

Be across three highly visible channels and your customers will see your amazing product or service in all of its glory, ultimately resulting in more conversions. 

Avoid the overwhelm 

A stressed-out brain isn’t a creative one making it super easy to neglect one or more of your marketing channels. 

Delegate your marketing to us and enjoy the benefits of fantastic marketing without the hassle.

Time and energy saved

Content creation is a time-consuming part of running a business and if marketing isn’t your strength then focus your energy elsewhere.

Gain back the hours and creative energy to make moves in your business. 

Your future self will thank you

Choose our Double Your Organics Leads and we’ll harness The Powerful Three for you! Simply enjoy the results with a much-deserved coffee break. 

Ready to tick marketing off your monthly to-do list? 

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