build trust with your clients - indeed we canBuilding trust with your clients is a great way to grow your business. Do you want to book more clients and ensure their repeat business? I can hear you saying ‘Duh, of course I want to!’ Well the way to do that is by building a strong relationship of trust. People buy from people that they trust. If you can work on building trust with your clients then they are more likely to want to work with you, and return for your help again and again.

Trust is a tricky thing. It can be hard to earn and easy to lose. So, how can you prove to your client that your business can be trusted and get them across the line from potential client to buyer? By using the following 3 tactics, you can build trust with your clients…


Anything that your previous clients say about you is going to be far more convincing than what you can say yourself. Your past work can speak volumes about what your clients can expect to receive from you. For example, if you have worked with IT businesses before, then other IT businesses will have confidence that you you have the technical knowledge required.

More important than the extent of your knowledge or the quality of your work is, what you are like to work with. A testimonial is an honest reflection of your communication, and if you are able to meet your deadlines and client expectations.

Testimonials begin that relationship of trust before you even speak to a potential client.

So make sure that you collect testimonials and reviews from your satisfied customers. Once you have those testimonials, don’t just sit on them. Display them proudly on your website, in your marketing collateral and on your social media pages. They can’t be powerful unless people can see them!

Case Studies

Don’t just tell your clients how you can help them, prove it by showing them an example of how you have already helped someone else. Case studies show the journey of your client’s overwhelm to their satisfaction when you help them solve their problem.

A case study is an indirect form of marketing. It is not an opportunity to focus on your products and services. But, it is a place to show how you can provide a solution to the problem that is zapping your client’s time, money, or energy away. A case study can get you in front of the people who are interested in your products or services, and help them understand the unique benefits of your business.

By displaying all of this to your potential clients they will see what your business offers, and realise that they need you to make their life easier. They will trust that you can solve their issues and be convinced they need to work with you.

Social Proof

These days, it is very rare that a client will pick up the phone and call you to know more about your business. In this digital world, they will head to their devices to find all they need to know about you. Make sure they find the right kind of information when they go looking.

Negative feedback can be damning and hard to recover from. So you need to ensure that you always offer the best service that you possibly can. And when mistakes happen, because they will, deal with them quickly and effectively so that your client leaves happy and satisfied.

Because people check their social media accounts so many times a day, it is a fantastic place to build client trust. Post plenty of useful information in a consistent fashion to prove to your clients that you are an expert in your field, therefore you deserve their trust. Be visible to them by liking and commenting on engagements and always respond in a timely fashion.

Building trust with your clients is not an overnight process, it takes time and effort. But by focusing on these three areas, you will definitely see results from your clients.

If you know that you need to work on these factors to build trust, but just can’t find the time, then we can support you by:

  • getting your testimonials from clients and getting them on your website
  • formatting your case studies and getting them on your website
  • social media management and ensuring your profiles are active
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