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Top 9 Pinterest Marketing Tips

Never underestimate the power of a well-developed Pinterest marketing plan. There are plenty of ways to grow your following. From the creation of Pinterest photos and graphics, through to the pin description and use of hashtags.

As a search engine (although everyone calls it social media) Pinterest continues to grow in strength. With beautifully created visuals and a well-thought-out Pinterest marketing plan, your business can take advantage of everything it has on offer.

Making Pinterest Marketing Work for Your Business

It comes as no surprise that pins that are well presented, contain sufficient information, and are created for a specific target audience do well on Pinterest. As a highly visual platform, a quick search will provide you with hundreds, possibly thousands of images related to your query. Utilising such a powerful in-built search engine to your business’ advantage is therefore highly beneficial.

To help build your business a highly successful Pinterest marketing strategy, we’ve put a few of our top tips together for you.

Our Top 9 Top 9 Pinterest Marketing Tips

  1. Be consistent in your pin creation: You should be adding new pins to your boards regularly. Continuing to grow your pin collection will help to increase the number of followers and views your pins receive.
  2. Use hashtags: Hashtags are used in searches to find specific trending topics. Make sure you add relevant hashtags to each of your pins.
  3. Brand your images: Add a watermarked logo to each image you post on Pinterest. Remember to use your brand colours.
  4. Descriptions matter: A pin description will show up in people’s feeds, and it is one of the things they use when deciding if it is relevant to them.
  5. Create pins for your audience: It can be tempting to design a range of pins to make them appealing to a wider audience. But don’t. Rather, keep it focused and on topic for your ideal audience.
  6. Use strong images and videos:  Your images and videos must be eyecatching to get noticed.
  7. Add text overlay: Your pins need to contain the right amount of text overlay to help your audience understand what they are about.
  8. Use the right size: Follow Pinterest’s guidelines when it comes to the best size for pins and video length as these can change.
  9. Think seasonally: People use Pinterest well before a seasonal event. Plan your Pinterest marketing strategy to add seasonal pins four to six weeks ahead of the event.

Ready to Hire a Pinterest Manager?

Pinterest is a great way to grow your brand awareness and increase your traffic and leads. But you really don’t have the time to spend all day pinning or learning yet another platform. When you hire a Pinterest manager from InDeed We Can, you can spend more time in your zone of genius doing things in your business or life that only you can do.

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