What can I outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

You know you need help but you aren’t sure what you can outsource.

Our quiz will help you separate your tasks into 4 easy to manage lists. 

At the end of the quiz, you will learn which tasks you should outsource first.

Our What Can I Outsource to a Virtual Assistant Quiz will show you how to maximize your task management.

Because when you separate your tasks into 4 Lists, you can get more done.

Do First List: The tasks on this list are urgent tasks that should be done on the same day or require your focus over everything else.

Schedule List: This list is for the important but not urgent tasks. Schedule these tasks into your week.

Outsourcing List: The outsourcing list is for the tasks that are urgent but less important and don’t require your time get them done.

Don’t List: The tasks on this list are not urgent, not important and you probably shouldn’t worry about them.

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