As an eCommerce business owner, you should be familiar with eCommerce marketing.
Are you leveraging your marketing channels to drive traffic to your online store?
Is your website converting that traffic into leads?
Are those leads converting into sales?
If you answered YES to the above, congratulations, your eCommerce marketing is working! No? Read on and I’ll walk you through some strategies to help turn those Nos to YES.
Let’s look at your main goal: Getting people who interested in your products to visit your store and buy from you.
When we break the goal down into easy actionable steps, it looks something like this:
  1. Drive the right traffic to your online store.
  2. Convert that traffic into leads.
  3. Convert those leads into sales.
Let’s look at Step 1 and how you can drive the right traffic to your online store.

Driving the Right Traffic

The first thing you need to do is focus on driving traffic to your online store, . Every day, every month, every year.
If you don’t have the right traffic, you don’t have the right customers browsing your products. And you don’t have the opportunity to sell them what they need or want.
There are many marketing channels you could use to drive traffic to your website:
  • newsletters
  • content
  • social media
  • videos
  • SEO
  • affiliates
  • chatbots
  • influencers
The key to success is to not get overwhelmed. Focus on one to three channels where your ideal client is hanging out.
We recommend starting with these three marketing channels:
  1. Newsletter
  2. Social Media
  3. Video
Get these three channels right and you should find everything else easier.

Convert traffic into Leads and Sales

Now you’ve got your marketing mix. You know how you are going to drive traffic to your online store. Now, you’re going to need a profitable marketing funnel to convert the traffic into leads and sales.
This is what your profitable funnel should look like:
  1. Awareness Stage (getting people to visit your website)
  2. Interest Stage (getting email addresses, watching a video or reading content)
  3. Buy Stage (getting sales)
  4. Repeat Buy Stage (getting repeat sales)
You need this funnel because not everyone will buy on the first interaction (also known as a touch).
It can take as many as 15 or 20 “touches” before people finally buy.
Use your marketing mix to move your leads from the Interest Stage to Buy Stage.
Look at how you can educate them, showing them the benefits of your products. An example is to create a video that you post on social media and send to your mailing list.
To grow your business, you will want to have a list of strategies you can test to get new traffic, leads, and customers.
Think of all the different ways you can:
  • Get more people coming to visit your store.
  • Optimise your email conversions.
  • Optimise your website conversions.
If you would like some help to put your strategy in place and test your strategies, our team of VA’s can do that for you. Get in touch if you would like us to do it for you.