What Is Social Media Management

What Is Social Media Management (And What Does It Include?)

Oh hi there B2B business owner. You’re here because you’re finding managing your social media is overwhelming and time-consuming. You’ve heard about social media management as a solution to your problem.

I bet you’re wondering what social media management is and what it includes? Is it right for you?

Social media users increased by more than 400 million (+9.9 percent) over the past 12 months to reach 4.55 billion in October 2021. Reference.

Active social media users Oct 2021

That’s a lot of people! Like half the world population.

As much as we may gripe about social media, it’s not going anywhere. Social media marketing is here to stay. In fact, social media management is an essential way to reach your clients, gain valuable insights, and grow your business.

It’s time to embrace social media as part of your marketing mix.

When you outsource your social media right you can reap the following benefits:

  1. Increased brand awareness
  2. Higher engagement rates

Let’s look at the difference between social media marketing vs social media management. They go hand in hand. To be effective on social media, you’ll need both.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing focuses on creating and implementing a strategy. This strategy is to generate leads through your social media platforms.

You do this by creating and publishing content with a specific purpose in mind: to engage with your target audience and direct them to your website.

What is social media management?

Social media management focuses on creating and posting content on your social media platforms. Social media management also includes the engagement aspect of social media.

How social media helps in marketing

If you want to be successful, social media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Social media make it easy for B2B business owners to:

  • Build brand awareness

With 4.55 billion active social media users, being on social media makes it a great place to reach new audiences.

  • Generate leads

Lead generation is an important benefit of social media marketing. Because it offers an easy and low-commitment way for potential clients to express interest in your services.

  • Increase website traffic

Social media posts and even social ads are key ways to drive traffic to your website. Sharing your blog content is a great way to get your followers to your website.

  • Connect with your audience

Unlike traditional marketing channels, social media communication is a two-way street. It allows you to interact with your audience and them to interact with you.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

One of the most important benefits of outsourcing your social media management is they do it all for you.

They will ensure your social presence is beautiful, consistent, and effective. All without you having to lift a finger.

Getting social media help will allow you to show up with intention. It will allow you to show up online without adding to your already overflowing plate.

You’ll stop posting for the sake of posting and the best benefit of all, you’ll know what to post and when.

3 key benefits you’ll get from social media management:

  • Improved social media presence
  • Consistent content posted
  • An engaged audience
  • and more

What social media management includes

Social media management should make it easy for you to make your online presence a priority.

A social media management agency, like InDeed We Can, will:

  1. Assess and improve your current presence on social platforms
  2. Create a shared content calendar to ensure that your presence is consistent
  3. Create unique posts
  4. Analyse your social media performance
  5. Reply to messages and respond to comments

Leaving your time free to convert leads and seek other business growth opportunities.

If you haven’t included social media in your digital marketing strategy, you’re missing out on an affordable, and effective way to reach your audience.

You want to offload your social media, so you know it’ll get done.

The good news is, here at InDeed We Can, we can help you. Our social media management packages will allow you to socialise with intention. No more late afternoon content scrambles.

Imagine…. Finally being able to show up consistently so you can build brand awareness and recognition. So you can start connecting with new leads. All while you’re rockin’ your zone of genius, bringing in revenue.

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