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Who We Are

InDeed we can help you find the balance that works for your lifestyle.

We’ll help keep your business running smoothly, making sure your ongoing marketing activities are getting done. So you can look after existing clients, meeting new clients and having time set aside for your family and friends.

We are a boutique virtual marketing assistant agency based in New Zealand.

Our focus is on taking your vision, your marketing plan and bringing it to life.

Louise, the owner of InDeed We Can Ltd, started on her entrepreneurial path when she was pregnant with her first child in 2006.

Like many other business owners, she spent many late nights, weekends and missed family milestones. Wearing so many hats eventually wore her down and she realised this was not the way to grow her business or raise her family.

Her journey lead her down different paths until she discovered her true passion.

Helping others so they can provide an income for their families without sacrificing their time to make it happen.

The Deed Family of InDeed We Can Virtual Assistant NZ

Because creating a successful business while balancing your personal life shouldn’t be hard. You shouldn’t be working late and missing out.

Louise and her team use their extensive experience to help online business owners get their time back and give them the freedom to set their own rules.

So rather than spending your valuable time in front of the screen, let us do that for you.

When you choose InDeed We Can as your virtual market assistant agency, you’ll be working with a team of passionate online marketing specialists who are ready to help you.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Meet the team


Louise Deed

With a background in online marketing, Louise has spent the last 12+ years running her own online business.


Ellen is our seasoned marketing strategist and big picture thinker. She helps you turn your business into a trusted brand.



Katrina has an extensive background in social media content creation and business ownership from the UK to NZ.


Kelly - InDeed We Can

Kelly brings a creative flair to social media content creation and has a passion for taking your business to the next level.



Michael brings his years of experience in website design and project management to ensure your website is running smoothly.


Carrie - Videographer

Carrie specialises in bringing out your unique personality through video marketing, which enables people to connect with you online.

InDeed We Can Virtual Assistant NZ
InDeed We Can has reduced the overwhelm and time poor feelings I had. Louise is fantastic at reading my mind as I often don’t explain in great detail due to my lack of technical knowledge. It has given me the ability to work more ON my business and do less of the daily admin that would take me twice the time.
InDeed We Can Virtual Marketing Assistant Agency

Are you ready?

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