Maximise Time, Minimise Effort.

Outsource the right way.

You’re a kick-ass business owner who wants to take your business to a whole new level. And you know you need to stop wasting time procrastinating and reach your goals sooner.

Outsource Email Marketing Checklist

Superhero yes, but magic wand? Nope. 

Every superhero has a trusty sidekick who gets their hands dirty.

And you should too. 

When you know what you need to do, you can get shit done faster.

Hi, I’m Louise, your misfit sidekick who loves to get her hands dirty and make you feel less alone.

I know from working with a lot of wannabe superheroes there is a right way to outsource.

Often they don’t have a sidekick who understands the true power of outsourcing. 

But I do.

And that’s my secret power.

I get it. Crafting newsletters can take up a lot of your time.

You don’t need someone to tell you how to suck eggs but you need someone who understands the value of your time. 

When you partner with someone who knows their shit, you don’t need to be the expert in all the things. 

That’s me.

I’ll give you the freedom to focus on the shit you’re good at…saving the world anyone? 

Managing daily operations while juggling email marketing can be overwhelming.

Sliding into your audience’s inbox with the right message is time-consuming. And challenging if you don’t quite understand the rules of engagement. 

When pressed for time, it’s easy to leave your newsletters for another day.

Introducing a Unique Solution ... Collaborative Outsourcing

Forget traditional outsourcing’s hands-off approach. 

Collaborative outsourcing blends your superhero vibes with my sidekick expertise. 

Together, we enhance and amplify your email marketing. 

Ensuring you slide into your audience’s inbox at the right time.

Being seen as the superhero on speed dial in your industry becomes as easy as the bat signal.

Your collaborative outsourcing journey starts with this outsourcing checklist.

This Collaborative Outsourcing Checklist will:

  1. Identify where you currently stand in the email marketing landscape. 
  2. Check your preparedness for a joint approach.

Laying the foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership.

That’s the true power of collaborative outsourcing.

And it starts with downloading this free outsourcing checklist.

Louise - Email Marketing Strategist

Hey, I'm Louise

I’m not your average stiff, boring email marketer.

I’m your misfit guide in the complex world of email marketing.

With me as your outsourcing sidekick, prepare to say no to sending boring emails. And say yes to doing email your way.

What others think

“I like the plain, simple language of this Louise. Very easy to see where you are, or are not, in my case. Thinking that outsourcing makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much, Louise.”

Nikki Palamountain – Facilitator at Dyslexia Unpuzzled Hawkes Bay

Time waits for no one. Make every second count with collaborative outsourcing.

Ready to become my next superhero partner? Let’s begin…

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