Turn Your Emails into Profitable Conversations

It’s time to turn your email marketing frustration into growth with a personalised action plan.

This Profitable Email Marketing Blueprint is a self-assessment audit that helps you bridge the gap between potential and reality. In just a few minutes you’ll gain:

  • A Look into Your Current Email Performance: Identify areas for improvement that could unlock significant growth.
  • A Personalised Action Plan: Get a clear roadmap, tailored to your unique needs, to start seeing results from your emails.
  • Expert Insights: Leverage my experience to identify opportunities you may have missed and craft targeted email strategies.

You know sending newsletters is a crucial part of your marketing.

You’re ready to stop sending emails that get ignored.

You’re ready to send powerful emails that convert.

Here’s an interesting fact: 72% of B2B decision-makers say emails influence their purchasing decisions. (Statista, 2023)

This is your chance to confidently “slide into inboxes” and showcase your kickass service-based business.

Don’t let your emails get lost in the inbox! This self-assessment audit enables you to:

  • Craft emails that resonate with your audience and build stronger connections.
  • Boost engagement and open rates so your message gets seen.
  • Convert more leads into paying clients with targeted email marketing strategies.

No more blindly sending emails and hoping you’ll get a client from it.

Louise - Email Marketing Strategist

Your Investment

This is your chance to transform your email marketing and finally see the results you deserve!

Your Investment: $280 +GST (one-time fee)

Get started on your path to email marketing success in a few clicks.

Hey, I’m Louise

I’m not your average stiff, boring email marketer.
I’m your misfit guide in the complex world of email marketing.
With me as your email marketing sidekick, prepare to say no to sending boring emails. And say yes to doing email your way.
But here’s the catch. I only work with other rebel business owners who sell kickass services.
So if you’re ready to break the rules and take on the world, I’d love to do this audit with you and show you what you can improve on. 
Louise from InDeed We Can

But don't take my word for it

“Before completing the Email Marketing Audit, I was struggling with prioritising email strategy amongst everything else I had to do. Now that I’ve completed the audit, I see the value in planning a consistent email schedule with the right audience who are interested in our products.  I can easily plan a series of emails that works alongside my social media calendar and focuses on talking to the right people at the right time.  

Louise has helped me plan an email strategy to take our customers on a journey, nurture leads and achieve sales. Louise really knows her stuff! Thanks for sharing your valuable insights with us.”

Penny Boyle | Boyd 

The Email Marketing Audit Process

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the audit cover?

This comprehensive self-assessment audit will help identify areas of strength and opportunity in your current email marketing strategy. It is delivered via a 1-page plan making it easy to implement.

How does it work?

You start by paying. Then you’ll receive an email with the link to the self-assessment part of the audit. Then I analyse your results to create your personalised action plan. All without needing access to your email marketing accounts. 

When will I receive my 1-page action plan?

Once you have successfully completed the self-assessment part of the audit, you will receive your detailed and personalised 1-page action plan within 7 working days.

Is this a one time fee?

Yes – what a bargain!

What if I'm not satisfied with the results?

You would be the first – but my inbox is always open to discuss your audit.

What if I need help with the action plan?

I’d love to help you implement your action plan. You’ll get more info once the audit is complete or you can reach out here to discuss a larger email strategy from the get-go.

Ready to tap into the power of email marketing?

Take the first step towards a more connected, trust-building approach with your audience.

Get Your Profitable Email Marketing Blueprint Now.

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