Get Better Results From Your Email Marketing

Are you feeling unsure about your current email marketing efforts?

Are you tired of email newsletters that don’t get results and feeling like it’s a waste of your time?

Discover how to connect with your audience so you can transform your email marketing.

Build trust, nurture leads, and achieve real results.

There is a new era of email marketing in town where ‘spray and hope’ tactics are a thing of the past.

If you run a service business, you know how important it is to build relationships and nurture leads.

That’s where my comprehensive email marketing audit comes in.

Learn the hidden potential of your email campaigns with my personalised approach.

I’m not only about numbers; I’m about building a connection.

Empowering you to build connections with people who want to hear from you.

Louise - Email Marketing Strategist

What you will get

I’m thrilled you’re taking the proactive step to elevate your email marketing. This in-depth audit will help to pinpoint your strengths and opportunities. Giving you a comprehensive roadmap for improvement.

Hey, I’m Louise

With years of email marketing experience, I specialise in working with service-based businesses like yours.

Together, we’ll leverage the full potential of your email campaigns.

Let me be your guide in mastering the art and science of effective email marketing.

Louise from InDeed We Can

Your Investment

Invest in growth, trust, and efficiency for only $149 + GST.

Get started on your path to email marketing success in a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the audit cover?

This comprehensive audit will help identify areas of strength and opportunity in your current email marketing strategy.

How do I access the audit?

Once you have successfully gone through the checkout process, you’ll receive an email with the link to the audit. 

When will I receive my 1-page action plan?

Once you have successfully completed the audit, you will receive your detailed and personalised 1-page action plan within 7 working days.

Is this a one time fee?

Yes the cost of the email marketing audit is a one time fee. Other charges will apply if you need help to implement the action plan.

What if I'm not satisfied with the results?

In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with the results of your audit, please email me and we can discuss privately.

What if I need help with the action plan?

I’m here to help you implement the action plan should you require. Email me and we can discuss this in more detail.

Ready to leverage your email marketing?

Tap into the power of a tailored, effective email marketing audit.

Take the first step towards a more connected, trust-building approach with your audience.

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