Elevate your Email Marketing with Automation

Improve Conversion Rates, Save Time, and Streamline Your Communication Process

Move beyond the newsletter to create powerful automated customer journeys that send the right email to the right person at the right time.

Email Automation

Email automation is your secret weapon. Why? Because it streamlines your communications, making sure you send the right email at the right, to the right person.

My Email Marketing Automation Service is meticulously crafted for kickass service-based business owners who want to embrace email nurture sequences.

Instead of trying to define the trigger, the rules, and the email content yourself, let me take that off your plate.

Email Automation

This done-for-you service saves you time and effort, freeing you up to focus on what superheroes do best – running your business or doing what your boss wants you to do if you’re a marketing manager.

As you know, selling services is very different to selling products. And email automations are no different. You need a whole different set of email automations. That’s why I specialise in email automation for services.

Here’s what email automations I can set up for you:

Welcome emails: An email sequence that welcomes your new subscribers when they join your mailing list. Because no one likes to be ghosted when they give their email address to someone. 

Lead nurturing emails: A series of nurture-led emails sent to leads who download your freebie/lead magnet. Turning these warm leads into paying clients. 

Event reminder emails: A series of emails in the days leading up to your event. Reminding attendees that the event is coming up and increasing the chances they’ll attend.

Louise Email Marketing Strategist

Why Trust Me?

Wondering why me? Here’s why:

I’m your misfit email marketing guide in the complex world of email automation.

Save Time: I handle your email marketing automation setup and make sure it’s working. Because your time is too valuable to spend on this task. 

Engage More: With your automated email sequences set up correctly, you’ll deliver timely, relevant content to your audience. No more spam or boring emails that get ignored.

Improve Conversion Rates: Your leads are guided through your pipeline efficiently. And potentially leading to a boost in conversion rates.

Investment for your Growth

My pricing model is straightforward. The initial setup cost is $750 +GST per automation with an ongoing management fee of $150 +GST/month (minimum of 12 months commitment).

My Process. Your Success.

I’m all about that collaboration! Once you have decided this is for you and become my next kickass client, we’ll sit down for a 90min planning session (online via a video call). It’s during this session, that we’ll plan out the automation, what emails we need to have included and how it all fits in with your big picture. 

Let’s break it down into 4 easy steps:

Are You Ready to Streamline Your Communication?

Picture this – someone downloads your freebie, and you consistently show up in their inbox with engaging emails that excite them. They love your emails and love what you do so they reach out to you with a message that says “I want to work with you!”. And because you worked with me, you knew they came from your lead magnet even if they ended up messaging you via social media.

That’s the power of effective email marketing automation.

You’re not just buying a solution; you’re investing in your business’s future success.

If you’re ready for this reality, let’s get started. Let me turn your email marketing into a powerful engine for your business. The peace of mind, the efficiency, the success – it’s all waiting for you.

Let’s do this! Click here to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms do you use for email marketing automation?

I work with a variety of platforms but my preference is MailerLite.

How much control will I have?

You call the shots with my guidance! You provide the content and tell me what service this automation should lead them too, and I'll make the magic happen.

What if I want to stop the ongoing management before the 12 months are up?

Email marketing in any form is a long term game, but I understand things change. While I expect all clients on this service to commit to 12 months, if something happens and you need a shorter term, let's discuss our options.

I don't have any content, can you help?

You'll be surprised at the amount of content you do have on hand. I cannot provide copywriting services but I can certainly guide you in WHAT content you need to provide. And if that means working with your copywriter...I'm down for that.

Can automated emails feel personal to my subscribers?

Absolutely! I ensure that every automated email feels like it's personally crafted for each recipient. My secret sauce is making your emails feel warm and human.

When will I start seeing results from this service?

Good things take time. While the impact of email marketing automation varies, my clients typically see positive results within 3 to 6 months.

How much of my time will this service require?

That's the whole point of working with an email marketing strategist like me. Your time is precious, don't waste it on trying to do it yourself.

How can I track the effectiveness of my automations?

Leave it to me. As part of the ongoing management, I track the effectiveness of your automations I have setup for you. Every 3 months, you'll get a progress report that outlines all you need to know.

Success Story: Jamie's Transformation

Before Jamie reached out to us, he was wrestling with a beast – and its name was Email Marketing. One particular issue with Mailchimp had him stumped, causing stress and distraction from his core business.

Enter the team at InDeed We Can.

The moment Jamie handed over his Mailchimp issue, we were on it. With our expertise, we quickly identified a solution, providing him the relief he needed. But we didn’t stop there.

We took over Jamie’s email marketing completely, providing him with peace of mind that a regular email newsletter was consistently reaching his clients. But more importantly, it started driving results. The awareness generated by these newsletters not only led to inquiries but also brought actual work. Even past clients who hadn’t engaged with his business for some time were reminded of his services, prompting them to reach out.

Now, Jamie enjoys a smooth, result-driven email marketing system that doesn’t just maintain client relationships but also revives old connections, adding real value to his business. With our continued support, He can focus on what he does best while we ensure his business stays top-of-mind with his clients through effective email marketing.

Working with InDeed We Can, Jamie found not just a solution but a strategy for success. And we could do the same for you.

Jamie Ford - Resilient Minds
Jamie Ford
thought leader in behavioural change

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