Create a powerful client conversion engine

So that you can nurture your email list from lead to client, without it taking up all your time and energy.

✔ Attract the Right Audience

✔ Convert More Warm Leads

✔ Work with the Right Clients

Don’t risk being ignored!

On average, your subscribers are receiving 847 emails a week. They easily ignore 50% of those emails.

Don’t let your email be the one they ignore.

Let me help you

Here’s what I know about you:

You have kickass services. Your clients love you.

But your email subscribers… that’s another story.

You send the occasional newsletter (under duress) and all you get for your effort is crickets.

Makes sense you wouldn’t feel super excited about sending more emails under those conditions!

I think you already know that email can be a powerful tool for:

🚀 nurturing leads

🚀 building trust

🚀 turning leads into loyal clients

🚀 closing deals like a pro

You just need a little help to get there. And that’s where I come in.

Email Marketing Success: tattooed business woman working and smiling

Email marketing services I offer

Pick my Brains

Feeling overwhelmed by email marketing or not sure where to start? I’ll help you get started the right way so you can start attracting new leads and grow your business.
From $250 +GST per session

Email Marketing Audit

Not sure your emails are working as they should? Take the self assessment audit and get back on track with a personalised action plan.
From $280 +GST per audit

Email Automation

Turn autopilot on for your email marketing! I’ll set up email sequences and automated workflows that convert new subscribers into clients who want to work with you.
From $750 +GST per automation

Campaign Management

Don’t let email marketing slow you down! You provide the content and I’ll make the behind-the-scene magic happen so you can focus your time on the shit only you can do.
From $450 +GST per month

The Process is Easy


Book a video call and we’ll spend 30 minutes talking about your business and how email marketing can help you.


Based on your needs, I’ll help you implement effective email marketing practices, tailored just for your business.


With email marketing that gets seen and results, you’ll be free to focus on serving clients and growing your business.