Case Study: Curate Home

Case Study: Curate Home

Curate Home takes content planning and creation to new heights with the Content Amplifier Program.

Based in Wellington, Curate Home founder, Carrie, is a professional home organiser. Curate Home creates calm, efficient solutions for the things that matter. And takes care of the things that don’t.

Ready to scale Curate Home, Carrie realised she needed a strategy for marketing. A plan that incorporated both social media and email marketing. 

Her goals:
  • To build trust and convert new customers.
  • To nurture existing clients to become repeat clients.

But feeling out of control about where her business is heading was proving to be a big obstacle for her. Which made it difficult to communicate the value of her service to her audience.

“It limits my growth and takes up unnecessary emotional space in my brain!”

After seeking other solutions and working with people who were not experts. She was getting frustrated and fed up with the status quo.

Carrie learned about our Content Amplifier Program through our organic Facebook marketing. And made the decision to get in touch with Louise.

She knew she needed an expert to mentor her.  Someone who knew what they were doing and could help her understand what the why means and looks like. Because she wanted to create content for her business with confidence.

The program involved 6 x weekly 60min video calls and the results were almost immediate.

Since using our content marketing system, Carrie knows what to say, where to say it and how to say it. As well as:

  • Improved analytics (and actually how to use Analytics!).
  • Greater reach on social media.
  • More confidence and knowledge in planning and creating content.

“Louise is so easy to work with and the system is so clear and useable.”

The best thing was being able to understand how to use the system in her own business. Getting personalised and step-by-step instructions. Which is unheard of in other online marketing courses.

Carrie found that having one on one training was absolutely invaluable. With so much valuable information there were a lot of “Ah Ha” moments.

Because Carrie was working 1:1, we were able to answer questions and discuss ideas. This allowed her to make changes and see immediate results from those changes.

As a result of increasing her reach, Carrie has seen an increase in leads from her organic marketing. Leads that she wouldn’t have captured otherwise. In turn, her revenue has increased. It’s a win-win.

 The results speak for themselves.

  • Instagram reached jumped by +203%
  • Engaged Accounts jumped by +37.2%

Today, Carrie enjoys creating content with confidence. Knowing she has a great system in place, that allows her to plan out her content three months in advance. No more last-minute content scrambles and not knowing what to write about.

When asked if she would recommend the Content Amplifier program to others, her answer was a resounding “YES!”.

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