A/B Testing for Rebel Service Providers

A/B Testing for Rebel Service Providers

Do you feel like your emails are landing with a thud?

You’re not alone.

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The power of testing in email marketing

Like any marketing strategy, there needs to be an element of testing to see what your audience responds to.

Testing your newsletter content could transform your results…boosting engagement and ultimately, your bottom line.

Learn what to rinse and repeat

I know you’re a rebel service provider with killer offers but your email open rates are stuck in the mosh pit.

Split testing cuts through the noise and helps you craft better newsletters your audience is excited to receive.

The size of your list doesn’t matter

But Louise, I only have a small list. Is A/B testing worth all the effort?

In this case, size doesn’t matter.

The quality of your list matters.

And if you want quality, then it’s well worth the effort! 

Because a highly engaged, targeted list is far more valuable than a large, unengaged list. A/B testing helps you refine your approach and maximise results from your existing subscribers.

What is A/B testing in email marketing?

Let’s break it down with a simple example: subject lines.

A/B Testing allows you to create two variations of a subject line. 

Variation #1: April Madness 

Variation #2: April Madness 🤓

Your email marketing platform will segment your list and send each segment one variation. 

This helps you understand whether your audience responds better to emojis, specific keywords, or personalisation (like including their first name).

If the A/B Testing shows that the email with an emoji and the first name were both winners, your next variation could be testing the combo of emoji and first name in the subject line.

And this is just one example of A/B testing.

Don’t panic!

But Louise, what if my subscribers get two emails because I don’t know what I’m doing?

The good news is that will only happen if:

  1. They have subscribed twice with different email addresses or
  2. Your email platform has a glitch that needs to be addressed (rare but a glitch outside of your control)

Most platforms offer clear instructions for A/B testing. So you can conduct your tests with confidence.

Why A/B Testing is crucial for Rebel Service Providers

Let’s be honest, we’re all here to grow our businesses. We email emails to convert subscribers into clients. A/B testing helps you optimise your emails for higher open rates and click-through rates, leading to a more engaged audience and ultimately, a fully booked schedule.

Or if you want the sugarcoated version…it wraps our subscribers in a warm loving embrace. 

Beyond Guesswork

Split testing like this provides concrete data to refine your email strategy and ditch the guesswork. 

Let’s face it, intuition only takes us so far. 

Testing allows you to validate (or disprove) assumptions about your audience, leading to more effective email marketing.

This is why it is crucial for us rebel service providers…it helps to maximise our sales.

Elements You Can A/B Test in Emails:

  • Subject Line: Learn what subject lines will get you a higher open rate (see example above).
  • Email Body & Design: Test variations in email design, calls to action (CTAs), and offer placements to find the optimal format.
  • Send Time & Frequency: Experiment with different send times and email frequencies to find the sweet spot for engagement.

A/B Testing Best Practices

A/B testing is a simple yet powerful tool for maximising your newsletter results. Start by choosing an element to test and follow these best practices:

  • Start Simple: Begin with small, focused tests on a single element before diving into complex variations. <<< This is a golden rule!
  • Define Your Goals: Determine what success means for each test (opens, clicks, sales) before sending.
  • Statistical Significance: Gather enough data for statistically valid results before drawing conclusions.
  • Analyse & Iterate: Don’t just pick a winner – analyse results and use them to inform future newsletter strategies.

Are you ready to use the power of A/B Testing in your email marketing?

So there you have it. A/B testing made simple.

What do I mean by the term A/B testing?

  • Learning what your audience responds to because it’s different for everyone.
  • The size of your list doesn’t really matter.
  • It’s not easy to f**k up if you have the right knowledge (or sidekick helping you sort it). 
  • A/B testing is worth the effort if you want to be fully booked by the people on your list.

Stop sending emails that go ignored. Start A/B testing and watch your sales soar!

Still unsure how or where to start? Start with a free discovery call.

P.S. Want to boost newsletter engagement and sell more services to your subscribers? Let’s chat! I’m your guide to building meaningful connections and growing your business through strategic email campaigns.

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