Case Study How I Helped Jamie Improve Client Engagement

Case Study: How I Helped Jamie Improve Client Engagement

TL;DR: I Helped Jamie Regain Control of Email Marketing and Improve Client Engagement and if you’d like what he has…Click here to book a call with me. 

Client: Jamie Ford

Industry: Business Coaching

Challenge: Jamie Ford, owner of Resilient Minds, was struggling with Mailchimp, his email marketing platform. He encountered technical issues he couldn’t resolve, causing frustration and hindering his ability to connect with clients.


Jamie partnered with InDeed We Can to manage his email marketing. Together we:

  • Resolved the Mailchimp issues: I identified and addressed the technical problems, ensuring the smooth operation of the email marketing platform.
  • Took over email marketing management: I assumed responsibility for creating, scheduling, and sending regular email newsletters.
  • Provided ongoing support and expertise: Jamie gained access to my expertise, ensuring his email marketing efforts remained consistent and effective.


  • Peace of mind: Jamie no longer had to deal with the technical complexities of email marketing, freeing his time and reducing stress.
  • Increased brand awareness: Consistent email newsletters kept existing clients informed about Resilient Mind’s services, prompting some to re-engage.
  • Improved client engagement: Regular communication through email marketing generated inquiries and new work opportunities from existing and past clients.


“Before working with InDeed We Can, email marketing was a mighty headache for me. Now I have peace of mind that a regular email newsletter is going out. It’s really helped my business to maintain awareness among our clients. We’ve had enquiries and work off the back of our emails, even from clients that haven’t worked with us for a long time – it’s reminded them we’re there, so they give us a call.” – Jamie Ford, Owner, Resilient Minds.

Why Client Engagement Matters and How Email Marketing Can Help

Building strong relationships with your clients is fundamental to business success.

Engaged clients are more likely to:

Become repeat clients: They understand your value proposition and trust your brand, leading to continued business.

Advocate for your brand: Satisfied clients can become your biggest champions, referring your services to their network.

Provide valuable feedback: Engaged clients are more likely to share their experiences, helping you refine your offerings and improve client satisfaction.

Email marketing is a powerful tool for fostering client engagement.

It allows you to:

Stay connected: Regularly send informative and engaging emails to keep your brand top-of-mind.

Nurture leads: Guide potential clients through your sales funnel by providing valuable content and nurturing their interest.

Promote your services: Share updates, special offers, and success stories to showcase your expertise and encourage engagement.

P.S. I am really looking forward to chatting with you about improving your client engagement!!

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