Leveraging the Welcome Email Sequence

Leveraging the Welcome Email Sequence

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First impressions matter.

How many times have you signed up for a newsletter and received a welcome email from them within the first 30 minutes?

Not many. If any.

I did an experiment where I visited many local websites searching for a newsletter sign-up form or some kind of freebie.

Shockingly the number of missing sign-up forms was high. So it wasn’t surprising that the number of welcome emails I received was low as well.

Only a couple had a welcome email sequence and more often than not it was because they had offered a freebie.

One business did send what appeared to be a welcome email days later but by then, I had forgotten that I had signed up as part of my research.

Not a good first impression.

But I get it.

Running a business, being a marketing manager, and trying to do the roles of several people means things are missed. And as we know, email marketing is often left in the too-hard basket.

Building on this initial engagement, let’s explore the tangible benefits a welcome email sequence can offer.

Why is the Welcome Email Sequence Important?

Sending an immediate welcome email increases open rates by 78% and doubles the click rates. (reference)

Now that’s a great reason to ensure you have a welcome email.

Setting the tone for your future communications helps your new subscribers to get to know you.

If you ignore them and then send a newsletter out of the blue, weeks or months later, they won’t remember signing up and wonder why you’re emailing them.

Whereas, if you emailed and said “Hi, thanks for joining me, this is me and this is what you can expect” soon after they signed up, they’ll remember you better.

Having a proper welcome sequence can foster trust and establish credibility.

Your sequence can help guide your new subscriber (who is now a lead) towards desired actions such as signing up for a low-cost webinar, booking a discovery call or even reading your latest blog post.

Now that we understand the importance, what exactly is a welcome email sequence?

What is a Welcome Sequence?

Imagine email automation like a dance. When everything aligns..the trigger, flow and content…it’s a beautifully choreographed dance.

This is what a good automated welcome email sequence should look and feel like.

A welcome email sequence is a series of automated emails sent to new subscribers.

The primary goal is to greet them, making them feel valued and integral to your community. Remember, it’s about making them feel seen and not just another email address on your list.

However, automations can overwhelm. As a business owner shared with me, the fear is bombarding subscribers with numerous automated emails, especially if there’s no strategic plan.

But with careful planning, you can avoid overloading them and causing immediate subscriptions.

Wondering how to set up an effective yet non-overwhelming welcome sequence?

Let’s delve into the practical steps using MailerLite as an example.

How Do You Make a Welcome Sequence in MailerLite?

Having understood the significance of a welcome email sequence, let’s go through the steps to set up a welcome email sequence.

In this example, I have used MailerLite to create the automation flow so if you use another platform, the steps will be slightly different.

MailerLite Email Automation | InDeed We Can Welcome Email Sequence

Setting Up Your Automated Welcome Email Series

1. Start Email Automation:

Go to MailerLite and access the Automation section.

Click “New automation”, name your welcome email series, and start building.

2. Define Your Trigger:

Choose the trigger “When subscriber joins a group”.

Create a group named “New signups” and save.

Later, you’ll make an email signup form that adds people to this group.

3. Craft Your Welcome Email:

Click the “+” icon and select “Email” to add your first email.

This email is sent immediately when someone joins “New signups”.

Fill in the necessary details, then click “Design email”.

Use MailerLite’s templates or their drag-and-drop editor to design your welcome email. Just remember to use the same template for the next emails.

4. Design Your Second Email:

This email gauges the specific service interests of your subscribers.

Add a “Delay block” of 1 day.

Incorporate another email asking subscribers about their service preferences, offering choices like consultation, direct service engagement, or more informational content.

Repeat for all emails within the sequence.

5. Activate your Workflow

With your welcome sequence set up, it’s crucial to know what elements make it truly impactful. Let’s move on to the essential components.

Essential Components

Thank You and Acknowledgement: Start by thanking the subscriber and acknowledging their action.

Introduction: Briefly introduce your brand, values, and what the subscriber can expect in terms of content/frequency.

Exclusive Offer: Consider providing a special discount or offer as a thank-you for subscribing.

Engaging Content: Share popular blog posts, resources, or product recommendations.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Guide subscribers towards the next step, whether it’s reading a blog post or joining a community.

Feedback Loop: Encourage subscribers to share their preferences or ask questions, helping you tailor future communications.

Unsubscribe Option: Always provide a clear way for subscribers to opt out if they choose to.

Now that we’ve covered the essential elements, how can we ensure our welcome sequence shines and converts?

Here are some best practices to consider.

Best Practices for a High-Converting Welcome Sequence

Personalisation: Use subscriber names and personalise content based on their preferences or actions.

Mobile Optimisation: Ensure emails look great on mobile devices, given the high percentage of users checking emails on smartphones.

Consistency: Ensure a consistent brand voice, design, and messaging throughout the sequence.

Implementing these best practices can truly elevate your welcome sequence.

Final thoughts from Louise

A stellar welcome sequence is a game-changer. With fleeting attention spans and packed inboxes, a standout first impression is paramount.

A welcome sequence not only defines your brand’s tone but also solidifies relationships with new subscribers.

However, many overlook this crucial email marketing aspect, often overwhelmed with other responsibilities.

Subscribers trust you with their email, anticipating value. Recognising this trust, grounding your brand’s credibility, and guiding them can lead to significant conversions.

It’s not just about that initial welcome email. Regular, engaging emails further cement the bond. View your subscribers not just as names but as potential clients and partners. If you haven’t established a welcome sequence or think yours could use a revamp, act now.

Tools like MailerLite make the process seamless. Don’t sideline email marketing; embrace and optimise it, and watch your business flourish.

If you’re feeling inspired to improve the way you connect with new subscribers but are not sure where to start, the ‘Welcome Email Sequence Blueprint‘ is your next step.

This meticulously designed blueprint offers a step-by-step guide to creating a sequence that not only engages but also converts. With this resource, you’ll have the tools and confidence to turn new subscribers into loyal customers.

Seize this opportunity and make every first impression count.

Not sure what you need? Get in touch with Louise here.

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